Shimano release new 630Wh batteries


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Mar 9, 2020
after seeing r120 posts I was a little more hesitant about the large battery as I thought it would deliver a little more miles on a fully charged battery. I am also not so convinced of the weight as it is a fairly heavy battery even if it only weighs 600 grams moore, I am afraid that I will find the bike loses a bit of its playfulness and will feel like a heavy lump.

no I will probably buy another 504wh battery and keep it in my backpack partly because it is cheaper and so as not to ruin the feeling in the bike


Apr 13, 2018
I will still mainly use the 504wh (of which I have two), the bigger battery is more for my hardtail E-Sentier and doing some longer local rides which would be done 50/50 in eco and trail.

The conditions I did the test in where about the worst you could get for rolling resistance, so I was pretty pleased with the results, I will take it over to Peaslake over th net few weeks and see if I can get 30 miles/300oft out of it. I usually take two batteries over there as my riding tends to be lapping my favourite trails, then coffee break, swap to other battery and off again.

The trails I was on, and the weather, meant it wasn't the kind of ride where any additional weight would be that obvious, though you could feel the weight picking the bike up.


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Hello everyone, thank you for sharing your information and experience with the external battery BT-E8016.
Unfortunately, I did not find any information about the Merida eONE SIXTY, and because I wanted a higher capacity of 630Wh, I tried a new battery myself. My experience is here


Apr 30, 2020
I bought the 630wh external from for my 2019 Vitus E-Sommet and despite getting stung with the Brexit bonus of £124 import duty before DHL would release it, it still worked out OK. I followed the tip here to hacksaw the first tiny fin from the existing battery mount and both the 630wh and the 504wh now fit tight with no further modification needed. My worries about the extra height of the new battery and the rear shock were put to rest as theres no way they come close, even with my ample weight and a 6 way aluminium hydration pack in the backpack. All in all very pleased with the bigger battery, Epic rides here we come, (probably need a better saddle now) - Thanks for the pioneers with the mounting tips who took the plunge and shared their advice. :-D


Nov 29, 2020
West Midlands
Just to echo PsyMan2000's comments, followed all the tips in this thread when the new 630 battery came and all of them worked. Especially whipping the charging lead out to get the battery to link up as mine absolutely refused to play ball. Panic then relax!
Big thanks to all who contributed.(y)