RXR R-Pro Protect - Modifictions / Heat management


Jun 12, 2019
Brittany, France
Following on from the review of the RXR R-Pro, I said I'd planned to experiment with some changes to improve airflow.

The original review :

For me, I find the chest area to be slightly too warm. It's ok when it's cooler or in the rain, but on a warmer day it's not comfortable.

The inside view of the chest :

R-Pro Chest inside.jpg

The central area of the chest has no direct ventilation at all. The bumps help air move around, but no air can get in there directly.

If you look closely, it looks like they intended to run air channels through, but didn't.

R-Pro Chest inside closer.jpg

Fortunately, it's quick and easy to dismantle :

R-Pro Chest Outside without Airbag.jpg
R-Pro Airbag and guards.jpg

The forming holes in the EVA foam line up with the chassis sections of the airbag (none air pocket areas).

So I drilled the foam, the air bag and the outer cover, starting with a 2.5mm pilot, then 6mm, then 8mm. Then heated a 6 inch nail up and passed that through to clean the holes up and seal the edges.

R-Pro Heated Outside.jpg
R-Pro Airbag with Vent holes.jpg
R-Pro Plastic extra vents.jpg

I then added some extra vent holes in the EVA Foam :

R-Pro Extra Holes.jpg

And fastened it all back together :

R-Pro Inside Assembled with Vents.jpg
R-Pro Assembled Outside With Vents.jpg

If you hold the hot nail for just the right amount of time you get a nicely formed edge in the foam:

R-Pro Vent hole Heat Treated.jpg

Now get light AND air passing through :

R-Pro Vented with Air and Light.jpg

Only had one ride in it so far like this, but it's considerably better. You can feel the air coming through to your chest. It's still warm compared to no armour, but it's not hot now !

If you were brave, you could possibly just drill straight through from the back, but if your alignment or the airbag alignment were off, you'd risk puncturing the bladder. R-Pro chest Outside Extra vents.jpg R-Pro Foam Drilled.jpg

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