Newbie here!


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Nov 10, 2022
Bracknell, UK
Hi All, I am new to this forum. Been riding analog bikes for 17 yrs. current analog bike is a Mondraker foxy XR 2015. Demoing a Whyte e160 s 29r next weekend with a mind to buy. Hence joining for more research. Thanks Steve


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Nov 5, 2018
Lincolnshire, UK
There is a lot of well-earned love for the Whyte emtbs, but do try other brands as you may find one that suits you even better. I tried 8 different very good emtbs before I found "the one"! :love:
Buying the second emtb was so much easier. :):)

The standard advice for a first time emtb buyer is to buy as locally as you can. No matter how good you are at bike maintenance, emtbs have a whole new raft of things to go wrong. A knowledgeable LBS 30 mins away will make your life so much easier. I had one problem that had defeated me and the LBS guy took 20 seconds to fix it. Imagine having to parcel up the bike and send it off to another, or having a long drive to do, then finding it was that simple. :eek:


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Feb 20, 2020
Welcome to the forum mate, you won’t be disappointed with the Whyte, fantastic bikes and after sales help from the company is second to none too 👍