Mission Control Mastermind TCU - Worth it?


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Apr 22, 2023
Boise, ID
I might be overthinking this, so am looking for a sanity check.

Everything about the Alloy Comp seems right for how I ride and what I want. I like the more durable frame material, the lower price, and the great sage green color. BUT, I keep thinking that the lack of the mastermind TCU will be a source of irritation, for a few reasons.

  1. The Micro Tune stuff sounds like a game changer. I ride for fitness. I want to ride further and longer but I still want a serious workout. Having a ton of adjustability seems like I get to use the motor enough to push me further and higher without feeling like I am either crawling or zooming. I imagine stepping up the motor by 10% when a climb ratchets up a little. In practice, does this matter? Maybe three levels is all you need?
  2. The lock function. I know that its effectiveness may be nil in practice, but I like the idea that a thief could decide it isn't worth the risk if they see it locked. I'd never rely on the software lock alone, but when paired up with a quality chain or U lock it might be a bit more protection. This is important to me because I'll have the bike out with me when I'm in my RV. It's not ride->garage->ride but will sometimes be left along locked to the trailers a frame.
Thoughts from anyone?


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Dec 26, 2022
BC, Canada
I went through the same dilemma. I ended up with the Comp Alloy (Sage). I have not regretted it because I found the 3 levels of assist are more than enough considering they are so tunable within the app and you can save presets if you know you are riding different terrain. No, you can't do 10% at a time riding but I haven't really found I have needed it, would it be nice, probably but not a game changer for me. For me the display for info would have been nice but also not a game changer. The lock function would be nice for the reasons you stated but I am a garage-ride-garage guy most of the time and for the travelling we do I just make sure everything is secure as I can make it and we try not to leave our vehicle unattended for very long. We live in a very touristy area and the bike theft in the summer here is insane. The thieves are very quick with the cordless zip-cut! and in those situations, they aren't fussed about you having the "lock function".

Is it would the extra cost? You have to decide. But with my savings, I have upgraded the forks and have never though "I wish I had Mirco Tune" while riding.


Jun 12, 2019
Brittany, France
Plus, you can use Blevo with the Traditional TCU which will give you all sorts of different tuning options such as heart rate connected ones and as many display options, with your phone on a bar holder, that you can imagine.

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