Longest time between order and delivery?


Wedding Crasher
Nov 5, 2018
Lincolnshire, UK
I broke the lever on my Shimano XT lever assembly on 12th August 2021. I called in at the LBS on the way home and he tried fitting levers from scrap assemblies that he had lying around. All were too thick, so he ordered one that day. It was the pandemic of course and most of Shimano's factories had either closed or were on short time.

Lever assembly.jpg

I checked now and again, but forgot about it after a while. Earlier this weekI did a list of spare kit that I have and came across it again. Today I called in to the LBS and he checked the order and discovered that it was due in on 17th July 2024! Wow, almost three years! Is that the longest order to delivery lead-time, or what?

Mind you, it's not here yet, so it might get even longer! :ROFLMAO:

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