Hope v4 questions


Oct 19, 2021
Hi all, Ok so hope v4 vs current brakes shimano m420.

Not going to lie main reason of thinking about these other than anything else is looks, I am a tart.
Question 1
I assume they will be much better than my current setup? In terms of performance.
Question 2
If I refer to them in terms of car brakes, are the hope brakes like track car brakes I.E need warming up for best performance? Or do they work well straight off?
Question 3
Are they noisy?
Question 4
What’s to dislike about them if money is no object?


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Oct 4, 2020
Forest of dean
Great brakes. Stop my fat ass well.

1, definitely.
2, Work well straight out of box.
3, No more noises than others.
4, Dislike the cost but work it in the long run


Aug 22, 2022
HOPE ted 4 v4are the best brakes ever, rob form rob rides said that were the best,Although they are quite expensive£175 approx you get 3 sets of brake pads in the box, there are three types ,red green and purple, they are all very good ,quiet and very strong stopping, I like all three, rotor seize will have an effect on the heat management, and so the overall power,
I use 203 front and rear,galfer make very good rotors and brake pads for hope v4 ,hope this helps


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Dec 9, 2023
I have tech 4 v4s on my levo and they are fantastic. If you are thinking about them then go ahead without hesitation. Make sure you get the vented discs as they make a good difference


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Oct 17, 2021
Comparing T4 V4 against shim m420 is a bit laughable. Against trickstuff direttissima would be a better comparison, and I've heard one Trickstuff user say they're pretty damn close .

Im inc bike coming in about 110kg, and my rear shim m520 is a microleak so effectively gives nothing braking wise. All my stopping is on one T4 V4 on the front and its certainly stops me.
I have the other but its A. involves routing through a difficult frame and B. Im an incredibly lazy barstard, who will eventually get around to it.

I've had to pull a few life or death emergency stops, which are pretty much front only, and that tells me they have it where it counts.

Plus they look lovely, especially with a bit of colour on them(Orange here) Purple looks really nice too.

Another thing to keep in mind is you're easily going to get spares for them for the next 10 years anyway, Shimano only have a throw in the bin option. Hope will also service them for longer than that, so investment wise, while an expensive outlay initially, you can keep them going for long after you've binned all the rest.

On my own review of the one on the Ebike, I bought another complete set for my other non Ebike.

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