Hey there - TQ team connecting

Fat Rat

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May 7, 2020
I realise you won't be able to share here but I do look forward to the future release of an 85-90Nm TQ motor. Such a clever design.
I had the Flyon with the TQ 120nm
The motor was great just a bit noisy until you really made it work.


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Aug 19, 2022
Charlotte, NC
Hey there,
my name is Roman. I am with the TQ service team. Trying to get a good glimpse what is happening with all those new bikes equipped with an TQ HPR50 system. I might not be able to answer questions regularly. Happy to connect though!
Hi Roman. I got a couple of messages during latest firmware upgrade. My dealer is still waiting for a reply on those so I figured I asked you anyway. "HMI: The display button was pressed during startup. This is possibly due to a defect display, please replace the display and try again." "Cable harness: The CAN bus impedance value is unexpected. If this is persistent, please contact support". I don't have any issues at all, that I can tell, when I ride.

Another question is, is there anything we should do in relation to motor maintenance? Like take it to the dealer once a year to clean the bearings or anything else?

Thank you