Hallo from the Netherlands


New Member
Jan 24, 2023
The Netherlands
My nickname is Raggertje and it means little ripper in Dutch but it also means Toothbrush HAHAHA. I am riding analog MTB’s for more than 30 years. I’m a MTB guide and trainer and just started riding eMTB for fun, clinics and trailhunting. I love the speed of those things. It gives that extra thrill to our flat flowy trails here in the Netherlands :)

My first build was a hubmotor conversion of a Specialized Demo 8. Crazy fun with a throttle running 8000 watts. I just finished a LightCarbon LCES004 build. Much better on the trails with a middrive and it consumes way less battery ;-)

I spend a lot of time reading and posting on the endless sphere forum but over here on emtbforums the middrives are generally discussed much more! So thank you all!

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