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Jun 10, 2020
Coquitlam, BC
There’s probably a number of sports that use this type of involvement to gather more interest towards their sports franchise. I can remember 40yrs ago picking NHL hockey players (Wayne Gretzky was not allowed) to build a team that would produce the most points each week. The point stats for individual players would be posted in the newspaper every Thursday. $5 to enter your best team picks with a chance to win a few more bucks.

Then Fantasy Sports arrived once the internet developed.

20 years ago my oldest son started a NFL Fantasy league and included a circle of school friends and me. I’ve known most of these lads since they were riding tricycles.

The league began with 16 teams using Yahoo Sports and we changed to ESPN Sports the following year. Interest grew each year and soon there was a waiting list just to get in the league. The first 5 years developed some traditions and rules, and eventually a Championship trophy. It was becoming a big deal. Entry fees increased (vote by committee) and the prize money was distributed for specific accomplishments. The big prize was reserved for the Champion. Money and your team name on the coveted trophy.

14 teams have remained since the beginning which allows us to accept 1-2 new teams each year based on their performance in other leagues. My other boys (twins) are not allowed in the league and only act as advisors. They also manage their own leagues.

I’m tied with another team for the most Championships (three) so prestige and seniority matters. There is a reasons only two of my boys are allowed in the league and the others are advisors.

I’ve hosted a number season-beginning drafts and these can be expensive (table rentals, food, beer etc). But it’s a great time to get everyone together and sometimes it’s a 2 day party.

This year is our 20th anniversary …and I plan on winning 🏆.

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