Fuel EXe Chain dropping and "clunk" sound on Fuel ExE 9.5


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May 10, 2023
Hi - Just got a Fuel ExE 9.5 and experienced two issues on my first ride and looking for some advice.

1. On no-assist, I was going up a gradual incline and shifted to a lower gear and the chain dropped (from the front). Maybe I've been lucky but I've never experienced that before. Is there something specific I should be checking related to this?

2. This may be the dumb question of the year and maybe all bikes do this, but I don't experience this on my regular bike. Hard to explain but... If start to pedal but I'm in the wrong gear, it kinda makes a "clunk" sound as it revolves to the point to get traction and drive me forward. Even if I'm already cruising along and in a lower gear than I should be, every 1/8 rotation forward will make a clunk with no "grip" and then it takes and pedals me forward. Man I wish I could explain that better but hopefully it makes sense?

3. Bonus question: The gear shifting is incredibly loud. Is that just the Shimano Deores on this bike?

Thanks for any insights and for trying to decipher my explanation in item 2 (and apologies if this is standard bike behavior :)

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