Chain cleaner


E*POWAH Elite World Champion
May 16, 2019
I have recently adopted a different way to clean and lube my chain. I mostly ride in forests with sandy loam trail conditions so the chain does get gritty.
With the bike on the workstand I change gear to the smallest cog and lock the mech forward. Then remove the chain from the chain wheel and let the chain hang with a small bowl below it on the ground. I use degreaser and 2 toothbrushes to scrub the chain feeding a new section through a couple of times. Then jockey wheels will also have degreaser on them .....the dirty degreaser drips into the bowl. Leaving that to soak I clean the chainwheel with degreaser. Then repeat the process with water in a spray bottle and wipe everything with a clean rag. Once dry I lube the chain and then wipe off all the excess and wipe clean the jockey wheels. Then put the chain back on the chainwheel and release the mech. A gx chain usually lasts c 600 miles to get to 0.5 worn. I then fit a new chain and use the worn chain as a spare in my waist bag. So my spare is the right size ready to use and I fit a new quicklink to it.

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