Levo Gen 3 "Battery Error, Check App!"


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May 16, 2023
Hi Folks,
Longtime reader but first time poster........
I have a 2022 Levo Carbon Comp which is exactly 12 months old. The bike has been great and has given me back my enjoyment of MTBing.
I've recently experienced an issue and wondered if anyone else had experienced it and hopefully fixed it?

Having ridden on Saturday with no issues, I charged the bike in the evening knowing i would be out again on Sunday (the joys of sunshine!). Jumping onboard Sunday morning and I am greeted with a blue warning on the Mastermind saying "Battery Error, Check App".
I linked the phone and there were no warnings on the Mission Control - Battery Charge: 100%. Battery Health: 100%. Voltage 41.8v. No updates required. A little confused by this i though i would try the bike and see if it was still powered and responsive - it was and i rode for 2.5h on my normal trails with no problems.

I tried a 'reset' (+ and - buttons for 20 secs) but this had no effect.
The bike seems to be working fine but i cannot clear the error.

I contacted my supplying dealer and obviously they want to see the bike and i think this is the route i will have to take (2 hour round trip) but I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced the same issue?

Many thanks in advance.


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May 16, 2023
Having visited my supplying dealer this morning, i just wanted to update this post with the solution to my problem.

The mechanic that worked on the bike gave me the following information:
The dealer diagnostic software showed that sometime in the past there was a connection error between the Mastermind and the battery. I do not remember this happening but the log won't lie!
He cleared the error code and it hasn't returned.
As previously mentioned, the "Battery Error - Check App" had no effect on use or performance.

The mechanic finally told me that when the error is stating "check app" that this actually refers to the dealer specific software and not the Mission Control app that we 'public' have access to - so this 'error' was only fixable by a dealer visit.

A big thank you to my supplying dealer Certini who fixed the issue while i waited.


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Jun 10, 2020
Coquitlam, BC
As long as the computer reset or service notification doesn’t cost anything. However your LBS has the program to preform a reset.

On my Trek Rail I get service notifications on the Kiox (computer display)every 500km. It use to be 100km when new but I told the LBS that the distance was ridiculous…”change it”!

I don’t mind bringing my bike in the LBS for the occasional, and free, update or reset. I service and maintain 95% of the bike myself. I have the tools, the space, the lubricants and the fluids.
A notification on my computer of 1K or 1.5K or even 3K, makes more sense for me. I usually get the “free” update at that time.

No Battery or motor issues yet after almost 4 years.
Sep 19, 2020
Squamish, BC, Canada
It happens whenever there isn’t a tight connection in the rosenberger plug. Next time try opening the charging door, disconnect and reconnect snugly. If it happens again after that, make sure there’s nothing stuck in there as it is magnetic.

Edit: Although now that I think about it when that happens to me it is a blue circle and just says “no battery” nothing about check app.


May 2, 2022
Chichester, W.Sussex, UK
On my Trek Rail I get service notifications on the Kiox (computer display)every 500km. It use to be 100km when new but I told the LBS that the distance was ridiculous…”change it”!
At my request our LBS with their dealer software permanently got rid of that notification on our Rails.

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