Anyone here good with Facebook? Having trouble adding my phone number.


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Jun 3, 2022
I've survived this long without having a Facebook account and I still don't actually want one but I'm dealing with a company in China currently about a possible purchase I need to make (not MTB related) and they pretty much offer all their contact, support and any potential warranty claims through Facebook only so I've had to create an account. As I don't want the account for any other reason I used what would be the Spanish equivalent of my real name and used a Gmail account that I made just for this purpose so my account doesn't start pinging all my IRL friends and all that rubbish that I don't need.

So far so good, the account works, I've joined the group that I needed to and can post there just fine. I now figure that as I have an account I'd like to be able to use the Marketplace because as much as I hate Facebook the Marketplace has become the place to buy and sell things apparently. So, I tried to message someone on their yesterday and got prompted by Facebook to 'Confirm your identity on Marketplace' by way of adding a phone number so I enter my number and get a message stating they've sent me a 6-digit code, the code never arrives, so I try a few more times and still it never arrives, so I leave it overnight and try again today, same issue, code never arrives. Now when I try the same thing again I get a 'oops something went wrong message'. So I try the same thing on a desktop browser and get the same 'oops something went wrong' message.

So now I try going to Profile/Settings/Password & Security/Personal Details/Contact Info so I can add my phone number that way but now when I try to add my number I get this:

Slow down to keep using this feature: You may want to slow down or stop to avoid a restriction on your account. We limit how often you can post, comment or do other things in a given amount of time to help protect the community from spam.

So how on earth am I supposed to add/verify my number if it just throws an error every time I try? I am entering my number properly, IE: with +44 selected in the drop down box and then entering the rest of my number without the zero at the front. I've also tried clearing my browsers history and cookies on mobile and desktop but nothing works.

So, as apparently you pretty much can't even contact Facebook am I simply out of luck and won't ever be able to add my number?


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Jun 10, 2020
Coquitlam, BC
Hmmm 🤔. I’m still waiting for tickets for a free holiday cruise I won 15 years ago. I’d call them back but I’m too busy answering emails …😉


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Jan 15, 2021
I'm not a FB user either but try adding your phone number with the leading zero. The +44 might just be telling them which of their SMS services they need to send the message from. Also, you are using a mobile number?


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Mar 13, 2021
UK, Derbyshire
Is the code being sent to the number you provided or to the email you set up !
Have you checked your email for any kind of confirmation emails from faceache ( check spam folders too ) as some sites require you to authenticate initial set up with and email confirmation link etc.

You could also try setting up faceache messager with the same account as most communication via faceache will be used in messager I think !

Hope this helps,Good luck.

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