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May 16, 2019
I have GX AXS on my Whyte E160 RSX and it is my first experience of using the AXS system so I thought I would share my thoughts which may help others new to the system.

Firstly, my bike is 8 months old and I have covered 400 miles ( I have 2 bikes so mileage gets shared). The AXS has worked flawlessly with no attention from me, and the gear change is invariable very fast and smooth I have been impressed with it, and certainly rate it far better than my cable operated X01 mech/GX cassette set up on my other bike.

Today I decided to give it some TLC.

1. I used IPA and an earbud to clean out the battery compartment and the terminals on both battery and mech. I can see that overtime without a little bit of cleaning the battery compartment could gather enough dust etc to prevent the battery sitting properly.

2. AXS is already calibrated to shift the correct amount on an Eagle cassette provided it is installed with it set fully outboard. Over time possibly due to a bit of chain wear ( mine is still less than 0.5%) or just general running in, the gearchange can become noisier or a little slower especially climbing the cassette. The easiest way I found to correct that was to move the chain to the second largest cog and then at the shifter, press and hold the button and click the upper paddle twice ( that assumes the paddles are as they come in the box rather than reversed using the AXS App.............if reversed press the lower paddle).

3. The AXS battery lasts for c 20 hours of riding and gives plenty of warning if it needs charging but there appears to be no information on how long the shifter battery should last. It is a CR2032 cell battery (non rechargeable) and easilly changed so I keep one of those batteries in my waistbag...just in case! If the shifter does stop working due to a flat CR2032 battery, the mech position can still be changed using the button on the mech...1 press to go to a lower gear, 2 presses to go to a higher gear. So if the shifter stops working you can select a mid range gear to get home.

4. My bike is kept indoors in a wheel stand. It has become standard practise for me to switch bike on to check all is OK.....and now with the AXS, also to use the shifter to check that all still in the wheelstand. .BUT the shifter will not work!! The AXS has to sense movement before it goes into standby mode! It caused me a panic until I realized that!!

5. Setting B Tension/chain gap is a pain because it needs to be done with the shock at its SAG position. Obviously the best way to do that is with you sat/stood on the bike in riding gear whilst a friend checks and adjusts the B Tension using the SRAM white adjustment tool ( chain on second largest cog and the pointer of the adjustment tool centred on the upper jockey wheel central bolt). There is an easier way to check B Tension/chain gap as part of maintenance assuming it was originally set correctly.
With the bike on a bike stand ( so rear triangle hanging) follow the same procedure....chain on second largest cog, white SRAM adjustement tool on the largest cog and rotated down until the pointer meets the top jockey wheel. Now note where that pointer is in relation to the central bolt of the upper pulley wheel. On mine, instead of it pointing at the centre of the bolt it points at the lower edge of that bolt. So only about 2mm different, but that is now my reference for any future checks without having to set it at SAG.
nb. if you change your shock SAG it may also change the B Tension setting!!


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Feb 20, 2020
Epic and as per usual for you Mike, a brilliant write up and definitely food for thought, I have had AXS system on my bike for 15 months and it’s performed flawlessly but I give it TLC on a regular basis mainly because my Mum bought it for me alongside my AXS dropper shortly before she passed but I would have looked after it given the cost 👍

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