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Mar 4, 2021
Compared to Facebook-groups this forum is a kindergarden.
Ignore-mode helps but is not the solution.
Fast scolling does the same and keeps chances alive that the idiot you'd wanted to ignore might have written something interesting though and you're then able to read it.


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Oct 17, 2021
If I've been guilty of this I'd like to apologize to all and sundry. Just an over opinionated middle aged tubby :)

I suppose we're all cyclists here, many of us having spent 20 or 30 years on two wheels, immersed in the subject, complete our own servicing and repairs, no matter how technical, so it is understandable we might be a bit set in our ways, and many dont like change or to feel like they are being questioned.

eg - Hookless rims
Now from this camp - WTF are hookless rims ???
Seems to me the latest cycling industry thing, to flog us more tat, but then you get people who had ridden such for 'years'. As such I'm therefore a bit bias, and while one group might sing their virtues, others like myself, stuck in our ways perhaps, think such ideas new and dangerous.
And so an argument ensues. I can see how having a bead prevents a tyre from coming off, and no bead is a recipe for disaster. Or more trouble that its worth. or something, but mainly because its different and Ive no experience in them or how they work, or even if they are any good. But I'll stoically stick to what I know and resist, sometimes argumentatively (or aggressively as some folks personality is a bit more like that, though not always intentionally) any suggestion that hookless are better than hooked
So I(or anyone) can feel that its not a debate but a personal attack on our knowledge.

Examples of aggressive forums -Single Track World
Examples of passive forums - Retrobike
In comparison, this place seems to be a mix of the two. Mostly nice to each other, but an undercurrent of argumentativeness. So its really up to the mods partly, and other members mostly to step in and say for folk to chill, but to do that in a non aggressive way, offering no support to one side or the other, which can be viewed from one side as folk ganging up on them. So even if you agree or disagree with either party, you shouldn't really be looking to get involved and start slagging off either.
No picking of sides.

STW had a recent thread about - 'Oh let's be nice to each other', because some in threads arguments were breaking out, sides taken, lines drawn, sarcasm, nasty words and exchanges Needless to say, that ended in argument, accusation and counter accusation and needed to be closed down. Which was kind of funny, but maybe shows that that forum has too many toxic members, and a moderation team that possibly is siding with one group rather than neither.
But what I think with STW is they are quite basic in their forum software, and dont have an Ignore/Follow option, where if there's someone you have issues with, you can just not see what they are posting, so there's nothing to light the fuse of argument.


Apr 26, 2019
Fife, Scotland
I've been on here for a few years now and I've seen some pretty poor exchanges.
There are a few real bad apples on here who should have had their behavious moderated or when this is not possible asked to leave. Instead I've found instances where people have complained about an exchange and others have served as apologists for poor behaviour, "it's just a robust exchange", "a bit of fun", "taken the wrong way" etc. In fairness it is only a few but I'm bemused as to what they would have to do to be kicked off.

I'm sure the majority of people on here also visit other forums and are able to make up our own minds about what is acceptable or not. It doesn't take a huge amount of written dexterity to dress up a crass or insensitive comment as "it's only my heartfelt view, If you don't like it etc" The meaning of these comments is still plain to see.

My own view is that if someone wouldn't say something to me in real life then they really shouldn't say it online. The arguement that "there are a lot of places worse than this is a bit weak".

The "Ignore" function does it's job but then arguably so should the moderators.


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Feb 14, 2019
The other way around is to give as hard as you get…
I just would not expect golf club behaviour on a mountain bike venue.


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Jun 10, 2020
Coquitlam, BC
…treat people with the respect they deserve…
I also would like to apologize to any member who I may have offended, albeit unknowingly and unintentionally. There has only been one post directed at me that may have been taken out of context by myself.…but their contributions to this forum is very very good. There’s probably been more but I’m either clueless or busy. I worry (more) about the wrath of moderators. 😉


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Jul 15, 2020
This post is in no way intended to halt your discussion.

I would like to address some points though.

Most people here are adult humans. No one likes to be reprimanded and everyone has an opinion.

Remember that whomever you disagree with, from their perspective - they're correct. We are all different, we have different experiences, different expectations.

The forum lets people discuss. Some people come just to find answers. Some come to help and give answers. Some come for fun. Some come just to relax and read. A small minority probably come for the adverts.

We all come from different backgrounds. Different countries. For many, English isn't their primary language so things can be misunderstood or incorrectly written. Even English words and expressions have many different interpretations in different countries or regions.

One group of people will see one member as toxic because of how they write. Others will see a completely different member as toxic because of how they read their posts. Sometimes because of the words used, the grammar. Sometimes just because of pre-conceptions.

If we banned everyone who wrote something which could be seen as offensive to someone - there would be no one here. We all write things, which when thought about afterwards, could have been written differently - or possibly didn't need saying at all.

Everyone can have a bad day and possibly write something unreasonable. Or have a bad day, be frustrated and read something in a way which it wasn't intended.

Yes. People are banned when the need arises. Some people are completely erased as if they never existed. People are warned when it seems necessary. People are banned just from a specific thread when the need arises. But equally, we are not power crazed maniacs who go around banning anyone and everyone whenever we like or when someone doesn't like someone or disagrees with what they've said.

We will often discuss a situation with a member to try to understand their perspective. We may pull several members together into a PM to discuss "communication" problems :) Sometimes this will lead to understanding, sometimes not.

One thing to always remember is that anyone can involve themselves in a conversation and possibly bring some sense to a situation. Where possible, we try to let people learn some understanding, tolerance, and work things out amongst themselves.

If not there is always the "Report" function at the bottom of every post. Anyone can use it.

@Stihldog You're banned from this thread ... ;)


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Oct 18, 2020
On another forum far, far, away...
I was warned for unnecessary rude.
Who, me?
My charming and carefully crafted post deleted.
Now it was rude, I agree, though I didn't think they would notice. I thought the rude was necessary, and said so. Which won me another delete despite rather a lot of likes. For commenting on a moderator decision.
There are some sensitive souls around, aren't there? Mind, Americans don't really seem to understand sarcasm. Or banter. Or anything much else, it seems.
Ho hum. Maybe I should stick to bike forums.

The Hodge

Mystic Meg
Sep 9, 2020
North West Northumberland
On another forum far, far, away...
I was warned for unnecessary rude.
Who, me?
My charming and carefully crafted post deleted.
Now it was rude, I agree, though I didn't think they would notice. I thought the rude was necessary, and said so. Which won me another delete despite rather a lot of likes. For commenting on a moderator decision.
There are some sensitive souls around, aren't there? Mind, Americans don't really seem to understand sarcasm. Or banter. Or anything much else, it seems.
Ho hum. Maybe I should stick to bike forums.
Hell no ..😂


May 28, 2018
I wonder how much shite talking would be done if we were all face to face🤔
Apparently I'm a rude pos at best, and that's from most of my customers.


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Dec 4, 2020
Wilts, UK
I just made my first use of the ignore function. Had no idea it existed until today, and had never felt the need for it before today either. I'm surprised, this forum is normally notable for its civil and relaxed aura.


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Feb 12, 2018
Porirua, NZ
Just hover over their handle and click "Ignore".

You won't see their content anymore and it will make some threads a bit disjointed, but it is what it is.


Jul 17, 2019
New Zealand
Meh - this place is for the most part quite civilized compared to many.
Perhaps the biggest issue is that people seem to have thin skins these days and don't seem to handle criticism very well, or taking an inciteful response as sarcasm. Sometimes a pisstake can be taken as serious, or a language translation/phrasing can seem a bit abrupt.

*criticism* Often helpful comments based on years of experience.
**sarcasm** What many posts from @Gary can look like, but are actually/sometimes/mostly/occasionally/once in a blue moon/all the time spot on.
***pisstake*** ...... Search @Zimmerframe.
****Translation**** Google translations are often not even close to being correct when discussing random stuff.

Possibly the only time I have seen real aggression here is when someone asks a question, that has also been asked 10 times that week already and they get a "piss off and do some research" answer and they take offence. Or if someone asks for opinions (say .... Tire Choice) then rubbishes everyone because the opinions posted don't match their own.

We are all here because we either have an eMTB or want to buy one.


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Mar 29, 2022
My handle gives it all away. I am an old fart ie over 70, but I find it strange and at a times disturbing that its not that unusual to find some quite aggressive posts in reply to someones question and somebody elses answer. I started riding MTBs in 1984 when I brought back a Gary Fisher from Califormia after a business trip.

I think it is the nature of our sport that there are very many different levels of competence/expertise on this forum.Although long in the tooth I am anything but an expert, but I have clear views based on my experience of what works for me.

I have read several threads recently where somebody posted about x fork or y brakes or z rear shock and they are often immediately rubbished by " an expert" who holds an opposing ( diametrically opposite ?) view.

I support anybodies right to say I disagree, but some of these posts become quite abusive. One poster who may be a similar age to me based on his handle ( Mr ZF)seems to regularly attract some peoples venom.

Any chance that the moderator could introduce some guidelines for dissent and even suspending repeat abusive posters? Russia's behaviour and attitude towards other peoples does not need to be displayed here.

Retreating quickly and switching off "read replies"
I concur with you 100%, my friend. I've left other forums for the same kinds of "behavior" you discuss here; there's simply no need and no place for it here, or anywhere, imho. I'm of a similar age and riding background (30+ yrs) as you indicate you are and I have no tolerance for that kind of rubbish. Let them go to FB, or wherever, and vent their spleens, this is not the place for it as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for raising the topic.

Oldb**tard (me, not you)

The Hodge

Mystic Meg
Sep 9, 2020
North West Northumberland
So a very old fart and an old bastard are getting all hot under the collar about something that doesn't exist ..and if it did would have the option to totally ignore it anyway ..but just to give you a chance to prove your point ..why don't you quote just one thread / post which has got you all uptight? ( that hasn't been dealt with by a moderator)..
I might just think you have a point that being the case ..instead of what I'm thinking now ..which is that you are living up to your names , stirring up the pot unnecessarily and looking for a reaction ..
Apologies in advance if this reply appears too aggressive both seem very "precious" ..and far too easily offended 😁

Neeko DeVinchi

E*POWAH Elite World Champion
Dec 31, 2020
@veryoldfart, dude you're exactly the kind of rider who I hang out with ordinarily. Someone who's older than myself. With a perspective which makes me appreciate how far mtb'ing in its entirety has come. Hell, the very fact that your on the forum suggests that your open minded and embrace the new era of emtb.
All I'm trying to say is, dont close yourself off to us dude. Members and the moderator have highlighted ways to continue using the forum without jeopardizing your mental health or causing unnecessary stress.

I appreciate that others have been quick to raise the connotation of background, language etc. But from my perspective once these barriers have been removed, members soon find things in common.

So please, don't retreat or close yourself off. Be involved with the threads 👍🏿

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