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Thok Mig Gallery

After a few rides of the Italian bike

4.150 €
Shimano E8000
Intended Use
140 R / 150 F

Thok Mig First Ride pictures

Here’s some pictures after a few recent rides on the Thok Mig, whilst I’m filming for an upcoming review on EMTB Forums. It’s generating a some comments on social media; the battery design being on the bottom of the downtube is unusual with us usually seeing them integrated in, or on top of the tube.

Personally I think it looks nice. When you see it in the flesh it looks quite a bit better. It’s taken obvious design cues from the Ducati trellis styled frames of the Italian superbike manufacturer.

The bike is riding superbly well on the wet UK trails (typical for November and December!). Full video review out soon but until then enjoy the pictures and head over to Thok’s website for more details

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