The new 2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR and CF

The Spectral:ON got an internal battery when it was uppdated a couple of years ago. Since then, the Spectral:ON has only been available with a carbon frame. And it continues to be for 2022. The new Canyon Spectral:ON CFR and CF models are more lightweight, with a claimed weight between 21.94 and 23.95 kg.

Canyon Spectral:ON CFR
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR

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“Rob rides EMTB” makes great content with the most beautiful and well produced videos. Here’s what he has to say about the new Spectral:ON.

New batteries

Canyon have made their own batteries for the new Spectral:ON, and they’re quite interesting! There are two batteries with either 720 Wh or 900 Wh capacity. Claimed weight is 3.84 kg for the smaller one. This is quite lightweight, considering the size. We have weighed the 630 Wh Shimano battery to 3.79 kg. The bigger Canyon 900 Wh battery is 4.75 kg. All Spectral:ON CF/CFR models can be had with either battery, but size Small bikes are limited to 720 Wh capacity.

New Canyon 720 Wh and 900 Wh batteries

The Canyon batteries are part of the Shimano Steps Service Program. That means certified Shimano service centers will handle any aftermarket or warranty requests. This is an advantage for a direct sales brand such as Canyon. The new batteries are built using 21700 format 5 Ah cells. We think the downtube is looking very slim when viewing the bike from the side. It makes the bike look good. Watching the bike from the front or rear, we notice the downtube is also unusually wide. Canyon have stacked the battery cells horizontally in the pack, resulting in a flat and wide battery pack.

New battery integration

Calling this battery integration new is an exaggeration. But I believe Canyon is the first one to do it on a Shimano motorized bike. The front of the Shimano EP8 motor is tilted upwards by 30*. This makes room for the battery in front of the motor. The centre-of-gravity is raised slightly for the motor, but it’s dropped significantly for the battery. And I guess they had to do it this way to fit the long 900 Wh battery.

Shimano EP8 motor
The front of the motor is tilted upwards with the downtube and battery running in front and under it.

By removing two screws, the battery can be slided down and removed from the frame. Canyon says this is a quick and easy operation. Rob here at emtbforums has had a look at this bike, and he doesn’t find the operation all that quick. But it does the job, and it shouldn’t matter for most people.

This battery integration saves a bit of weight since it only requires a small opening where the battery slides in and out, at the bottom of the frame. The more common way is to make an opening in the downtube long enough to accept the entire length of the battery. Those big openings require additional reinforcement of the frame to maintain rigidity.

Specialized have used this kind of integration for years. Even the magnetic Rosenberger plug is the same. This plug connects the battery to the motor. Over the years, Specialized have improved the implementetion of the Rosenberger plug to make it more water resistant. Canyon claim they have a water resistant design around their plug too.

2022 Canyon Spectral:ON carbon with the Rosenberger plug
The magnetic Rosenberger plug

Two different carbon frames

As of today, only the most expensive models are available, the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR and the CFR LTD. Both bikes come with the more expensive CFR carbon frame rated at 2.88 kg. The remaining models all get the CF frame, with a claimed weight of 3.18 kg. Canyon says frame rigidity and flex is the same for both versions.

Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD

The frames offer 155 mm of rear suspension and they’re fitted with 150 mm travel forks. And Canyon still picks mullet wheels for the Spectral:ON, 29er up front and 27.5″ at the back that is.

2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CF8

New geometry

“Still playfull. Now more capable.” – is how Canyon describe the new bike. And that sounds promising to us. Previous Spectral:ON versions always had remerkably short chainstays. With the faily steep head tube, the wheelbase ended up being short. We quite liked the Spectral:ON 7 that we tested in 2019. It was an exciting and playful bike that of course was less stable in burly terrain and gnarly descents. And that’s fine, we need that kind of bikes too. Now though, Canyon claim they’ve made a playful bike that feels more stable.

2022 Canyon Spectral:ON geometry

The new model gets 5 mm longer chainstays, up to 440 mm. The head angle is down by 1* to 65.5*. Canyon allows for a 160 mm travel fork on this bike, this will further reduce the head angle to about 65*. The new frame is longer than the old one, “reach” is up by 25 mm for all frame sizes. This all adds up to a significantly longer wheelbase. So, we’ve got no reason to doubt the new bike is more stable and capable.

2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD

Availability Canyon Spectral:ON CFR and CF

Canyon say the top of the line bikes with the CFR frame and the big 900 Wh battery are available as of now. But it seems the size small is available too, and they get the 720 Wh battery. The bikes are now available in all markets, except for in the USA. The 720 Wh CFR models should be available in May.

  • Spectral:ON CFR LTD (size S): € 10.999 / £ 10.249
  • Spectral:ON CFR LTD ( M-XL): €11.299 / £ 10.499
  • Spectral:ON CFR (size S): € 8.999 / £ 8.399
  • Spectral:ON CFR (M-XL): €9.299 / 8.649
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD

Spectral:ON CF will also be available for order in May, prices will be revealed later.

  • Spectral:ON CF 9
  • Spectral:ON CF 8
  • Spectral:ON CF 7
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CF8
2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CF8


Click the image below to read the complete specs and details for the CFR and CF models.

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  1. Canyon could make an unobtanium framed 5kg, 200 mile range Ebike for £50 & the endless anecdotes of warranty dodging, tin eared customer care would still make me think twice.
  2. Like the look of this – but the warranty dodging attitude of canyon is a concern.

    The review on pinkbike highlights that the chain practically runs on the chainstay in the high gears, so would be concerned about this causing non superficial damage, plus they say that the charging port flap keeps coming open and disconnecting the battery on uphills – which is pretty poor, but I guess you could work round it by taping the door shut or something.

    Would like to see a 625wh or maybe even 500wh battery for shorter rides to make the bike even lighter.

  3. Read a couple reviews that stated how quiet the motor was. Has Shimano improved the rattle on the EP8?
  4. Me costó 2800€ mi Neuron ON con 22,5 kg, que después de 14.000 kilómetros solo me ha dado satisfacción. Pero el servicio al cliente es nefasto y ahora los precios se han disparado. Creo que le compraré un E8000 nuevo, le pondre una 625wh, cambiaré la horquilla y el amortiguador y a disfrutar e-bike nueva por menos de 1800€.