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The Alex Boyce Podcast #4

Paul Aston On Enve-Gate

It’s been a small dream in the world of media making of mine to create some of my own personal content which I find interesting and informative. Despite attention spans dropping in the internet age, the long-form podcast format has been emerging as a valid method in which to inform people and communicate some might say in a more personal way to a mass audience. The key to podcasting is not editing or minimising the edit, plus having someone interesting to talk to.

This is one of the first few major published podcasts I have done and I chose a character from the world of mountain bike publishing, Paul Aston.

For those who follow various MTB media sites, Paul was probably one of the most respected, widely read product testers in the world. Like myself, he has tried everything, broken a few things and informed people on his thoughts about stuff before they spend their money. This culminated with his test of ENVE carbon wheels for Ebikes, which failed his test.

We sat down with Paul to find out what happened, find out if he was fired for his story and other general pieces of information that crept out.

We have luckily a few different versions of the Podcast, Youtube, Soundcloud or an RSS feed for a podcast player. Please enjoy, comment and leave us suggestions of other people you might want us to talk to, who might be willing to talk outside the walled garden.

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