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Tested: TQ 120 Motor. Insane EPOWAH!

Woah. This motor is rapid. Brutal power on tap, you can see how the new 2019 FLYON will be a powerhouse. Check the video out to see an idiot blasting around in the woods!

  1. Great vid and it does give some hope for the flyon, which was beginning to look like a none starter with its weight issues.
  2. Agreed! Now I am once again excited about having ordered a Flyon.

    Rob, if you haven’t gotten your hands on one when I get mine, come down to Spain and I will let you review it 😜.

  3. If laughter is the best medicine, then you’ve just cured me!

    You have ridden them all, and yet you sound like my brother last weekend when he rode an e-bike for the first time!

    Next level, indeed.

  4. Hi Rob,
    Your immediate experience of this bike… speaks volumes about the motor. What about the Sporttechnik M1 Spitzing Evolution? Do you have any experience of this bike or can you test ride one for your website? Available in the following iterations… with a dazzling top tier World Cup model:

    PEDELEC: 250 W, 25 KM/H (20 MPH FOR US)
    S-PEDELEC: 500 W, 45 KM/H (28 MPH FOR US)
    R- PEDELEC: UP TO 920 W


  5. What’s all this extra power going to do to chains and the old fashioned cassette? I see a monthly subscription for chains coming in handy!!
  6. Great review Rob

    Looks like it will be great fun and in the future there will be a split in emtb

    1- heavy high power bikes
    2- light weight low powered bikes

  7. It was great to hear Rob’s reaction, typical of first time emtb users. :LOL:

    In the few short months that I have owned an emtb, I have climbed stuff that defeated me on a clockwork bike, but I’ve found stuff that even with better tyres I can’t get up despite the boost assist on high setting.

    I can’t help thinking though that once leg power is no longer the limit, it will once again be all down to tyres and technique. Give that test bike Rob was riding some crap tyres and all he would do is spin out, no matter how skilled he is. As for a beginner……. :eek:

  8. Interesting..I’m not sure if this is where I want my e-mtbing to go…. there are two thoughts going thru my head… will i still be getting enough exercise so that I can eat chocolate and drink red wine without putting on the kilos….and will it still be a mountain biking experience as opposed to moto-cross ???
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