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  1. Specialized SL 1.2 motor review

    Specialized SL 1.2 motor review

    The new Specialized SL 1.2 motor resembles the old SL 1.1 in a few ways. Both the looks and weight is very similar, and they are both “generous” motors. I find there are two categories of mild emtb motors, they can be generous or stingy. See our motor review or keep reading below. A generous...
  2. DarrenCC

    For Sale (BIKE) 2020 Specialized Levo SL Carbon Comp Large : £5300

    Bike / Product Year: 2020 Manufacturer: Specialized Model: Levo SL Carbon Comp Asking Price: £5300 Location Redbourn, Hertfordshire UK Description Transferable warranty for the next owner, bought July 2020 This bike is in fantastic condition and has had very little use as I unfortunately...
  3. E

    First Emtb

    Hello all, just picked up my first emtb, specialized turbo Levo SL! Love it so far! Does anyone know how to get the specialized app to show your KWH output?