santa cruz

  1. tylersf90

    A few pics of my Heckler

    Getting muddy and having a blast today before the rain comes back for another week 🤦🏼‍♂️ any other Heckler or just Santa Cruz owners wanna share a pic? Thinking my next upgrade will be the x01 transmission kit and Reverb AXS dropper, mainly to clean up the cockpit and get rid of a couple cables!
  2. The new Santa Cruz Heckler SL is out...

    The new Santa Cruz Heckler SL is out...

    ...and I haven't had a chance to ride it. The Santa Cruz Heckler always was light for a full power emtb. The new Heckler SL takes the weight down another notch. But Santa Cruz isn’t taking part in the chase towards 15 kg bike weight. They resisted the temptation to fit the bike with a shorter...
  3. 09E9B6A2-14EC-4A4C-90B6-483A268ACC8D.jpeg


    Wet day at Risca, fine tuning the e-storia
  4. santac_IMG_7654.jpeg


    Only upgrade done to the bike is the Eagle AXS
  5. RME_DH

    New Heckler MX Build

    2021 Heckler MX. Wanted to do it right…. Heavy boy build :) Started as “S” build; purchased from Backcountry. Installed ride wrap; nice kit. Then pulled the rear shock snd fork…. Replaced the rear shock with Super Deluxe Ultimate. Original Heckler tune and mounting hardware. Sourced with...
  6. ccwilli3

    My Santa Cruz Heckler leaning on stuff

    Heckler X01 RSV build kit in Yellow Second day of ownership and I already have 30miles on this beast.