1. Introducing the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2 – your perfect match?

    Introducing the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2 – your perfect match?

    This is the new Focus Jam2 and Sam2. Rob has ridden the bike, so make sure you check out his video before reading on. It seems Focus is branching out. Not only do they make bikes, now they’ve started match-making too. They’re trying to match two of their riders, Olly and Iven. Not to each...
  2. D

    2023 Focus Sam2 SL??

    Posted in the general thread but no one cared too much about it haha. Saw it on the Embn video of Steve about the Fazua factory. By the looks of it looks like a full carbon frame with at least 170mm travel, probably a 360 battery like the Fuel EX-E or Pivot Shuttle SL. I own a 2019 and love...
  3. D

    2023 FOCUS SAM2 SL?

    Steve may have leaked this one on the Fazua video featured in the EMBN youtube channel. I own a 2019 and the 2021 was way too heavy, so this looks awesome. Full carbon and at least 170mm of rear wheel travel. The kink behing the headtube looks weird though.
  4. betti154

    Sam2 - 180mm Travel Upgrade?

    Hi, I've got a Sam2 with a 170mm Yari, and am going to upgrade to the Debonair Air Spring. Question is, do I up the travel to 180mm whilst there? Has anyone done this? I'll likely upgrade to the Charger 2.1 RC2 damper whilst there I think. Thanks, Damien