1. G

    Searching for a M500 nylon gear

    Hello, My Nylong gear is faulty now.. then i bought an other (the only one available= the M600 nylon gear), from ali.... and it doesnt fit. Its a little different.... Can somebody help me? Or maybe it will be better to upgrade the M500 to the M600 motor by buying only the stator and the rotor ?
  2. Dado

    K1 Flash - setup CAN motor parameters, Firmware update and Calibration & K1 BlackBox 3 & brand new K1 BlackBox Racing

    Dear Bafang fans Would you like to set or tune motor controller parameters? K1 Flash is compatible with all Bafang CAN bus motors (5 pin connector with "house" shape). Also can download motor firmware for M500, M510 and M600 motors and run Calibration. Simple as 1, 2 ,3 ... 1. Insert...
  3. C

    Repairability of M500 and M510

    Hey guys, I started my E-bike journey last month, when I converted my commuter bike with TSDD2 motor. I got the itch and now I am thinking about EMTB as well. Suddenly hills on the normal MTB became more tiering they were before. :D Anyway, I started checking bikes and this forum, but I...