1. A

    Fuel EXe Bontrager Elite dropper post return season slow

    Just bought a fuel exe 9.8 xt. I’ve searched and ready many posts but no luck. My bontrager elite dropper post returns very slow compared to PNW and FOX that I’ve had before. I’ve adjusted the tension, added slick honey to dropper and still very slow (2-3 seconds to get seat back to height)...
  2. Richiefromboston

    Bontrager Hub or Vault hub explain hubs to me please.

    Ok heres the deal I bought a 21 trek rail 9.8 xt and tore it apart in my kitchen and rebuilt it with all XTR 10-51t cassette XTR derailleur shifter and 4 piston XTR brakes. I also pulled the Bontrager pro 30 ally rims with the Bontrager alloy, sealed bearing, alloy, 6-bolt, Rapid Drive 108...