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Staying E-Fit and Healthy on Lock Down

Being on Lock Down it can be tough to stay fit. The gyms are shut, we can’t drive to go riding and we are are supposed to stay at home as much as possible. How do you stay fit and strong at home, so that when we finally get out for the first proper ride we can enjoy it and ride hard until the battery warning starts to flash?

The answer is bodyweight strength training with a few additions and improvisations to help you along the way…….

Ben from The Strength Factory is a full time coach to some of the UK’s fastest riders and he has made a series of videos to help you make the most out of lock down and come out of it fighting fit. The first video is a pure, no kit bodyweight session that you can follow along with. Make sure you warm up for 10 minutes first and then crack on, paying close attention to your form.

The second video is a bit more advanced and uses some things that you may have lying around the shed or garage to add some resistance to your training, helping you to stay strong. Watch to the end for an unexpected way to make your press ups way harder!

In general, the best way to stay fit on Lock Down is to move and exercise regularly. You don’t need to do crazy intense HiiT sessions all the time and it doesn’t need to take over your life. For many of us, Lock Down means less movement and activity as part of our daily lives and that makes getting out for short, safe rides and training at home all the more important.

If you are struggling for motivation then focus on how good it is going to be when we get to hit the trails once more. Create a daily routine with allotted time for health and wellbeing and your mind and body will thank you for it.

If you want to come out of Lock Down in Boost Mode then you can jump on The Ultimate EMTB Programme which will not only give your home training some structure and progression, but will give youE-Bike training sessions that you can integrate into your daily exercise. It is not a super serious racing programme but is designed for normal people with jobs and families and can be done at home, without a gym.

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