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    Going to Santa Cruz next week, need EMTB rental recommendations

    Specialized has a factory store in town, it's next to the Patagonia Outlet and it's close to good riding (UCSC). If you want to demo a Specialized ebike. If not, most of the shops in town have online reservations for bike rentals.
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    Levo Gen 3 Cascade Link 2022+ Levo Long Shock Kit

    That's part of the reason I am on the fence, would the cascade link be good enough or do I need the the long travel kit? Then I would bump the front up to 170mm hoping to keep a balance feel of the bike.
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    Levo Gen 3 Cascade Link 2022+ Levo Long Shock Kit

    I live in the Bay Area, I am in Santa Cruz and Marin County. I was ridding a Kenevo SL and I just purchased a 2022 Levo Pro S3 because I wanted a full power bike. I am really enjoying the power and range of the Levo Turbo. Coming from the Kenevo SL I was missing the plushiness of the longer...
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    Levo Gen 3 Cascade Link 2022+ Levo Long Shock Kit

    What kit did you install? the link or the long shock kit?
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Katierunrun, Welcome! Interesting you decided to include runrun in your member name. What bike did you get?
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    Levo Gen 3 New brakes... What does everyone run?

    What rotors did you install?
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    Levo Gen 2 Who has the most battery cycles with battery health still at 100%?

    I purchased my bike new on 09/05/21. It's always been stored inside an insulated garage in Santa Cruz, Ca where we have moderate weather. My battery now reads 90% health with 2900 miles and 109 charges. I am bummed that the battery is already degrading in such a short time period and low miles.
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    Kenevo SL Kenevo SL won't auto shut off

    My local bike shop replaced the TCU for $150 USD and it fixed the auto shut off problem. I did have to pay for the TCU since the bike is out of warranty, it was submitted for a warranty claim and since it was only two months out. I will respond to let everyone know if it was covered or not. I...
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    Kenevo SL Kenevo SL won't auto shut off

    My Kenevo SL will not auto shut off. When I turn my bike on and leave it for several hours, it will still be on when I come back. Also when I charge the bike and it reaches 100%, the charger does not turn green and the bike does not shut off. The auto shut off function does not work and I have...
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    Levo Gen 3 Brand New 2022 S works Turbo Levo Won't Shut Off

    I am having the same issue with my Kenevo SL not shutting off. Did you get this issue resolved?
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    Levo Gen 3 What is the lightest gen3 Turbo levo out there?

    I would not worry about the weight, it's an e-bike. Put the components on it that you like and enjoy it. You will not notice the weight difference.
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    Carbon Wheel Failure!!! 😲😟😭

    I would not call this a failure, it looks like damage from smashing the rim into a rock, aluminum rims would not fair any better from this type of abuse.
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    Kenevo SL PSI with cushcores on SL bikes?

    I run 20 / 20 on my Kenevo SL with cushcore. I weigh 180 lbs. I have 2000 miles on my bike without any issues.
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    Cushcore + New Tire Installation?

    Leaving the tire in the sun before installing on the rim with cushcore seems to help make the install a little easier as well.
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    Levo Gen 3 Finally get a satisfied brake

    Any issues with your brake pads rubbing? I will adjust the calipers before a ride, no rub, but during the ride, the pads will be rubbing to the point were I feel resistance while pedaling. Initially I thought maybe I had to much brake fluid in the system but bleed the brakes again with the bleed...
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    Kenevo Gen1 Where are all the US kenevos?

    I think I misunderstood a few things in this thread. Not always the sharpest tool in the shed.
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    Kenevo Gen1 Where are all the US kenevos?

    A Couple shops in Santa Cruz had them in stock. It seem like when they initially came out, only shop owners and high end clients got them on the first round. I was able to walk into my LBS and buy it in October. They had a few KSLs in stock a couple weeks ago.
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    Anyone ordered a yeti e160?

    Nice bike! I have a Kenevo SL, came with the Sram code brakes, did not like them, replaced them with the TRP Evo-DH but do not love them either. I have had the shimano XTR 4 piston brakes on my previous bike and I was thinking I would go back to them. I really like the power and adjustability of...
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    Upgrade to sram gx axs - what's my shopping list?

    I thought that article was a hoax. It was posted on April 1st.
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    Kenevo SL Official 2022 Kenevo SL (KSL) Megathread!

    "Attention: check your crank torque. My cranks almost fell off on today’s ride!!!" My cranks were creaky and I decided to check. Both cranks were loose and needed to be torqued as well.