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    Komoot - Is it me or is it just a bit rubbish?

    Thank you all for replying and your comments and advice. my conclusion is that it's me that needs to get a better grip of this. Back to learning again!
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    Komoot - Is it me or is it just a bit rubbish?

    I'm fully willing to accept it could be me or my tech or both causing the issue but is it actually that good? I really want to like Komoot, and use it for routes and rides but every single time I've tried to use it, a dozen times or more, to follow a route whether on my ebike using either my...
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    Levo Gen 3 Specialized Gen 3 2022 Levo Megathread!

    800 grams difference in frame weight I think
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    Levo Gen 3 GPS Security Tracking Gen3 Levo

    Hi All I'm UK based and use an Android phone. What's the best solution for GPS tracking my Gen3 Levo in the unfortunate event of a theft, or an off so big I can't see where my bike landed!
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    Not quite Newbie

    Evening All, been on here a few weeks now, might be more, but only just noticed the say hello suggestion in the welcome message! Been busy. So, hello all! Got my first eeb a few months ago, Levo Comp Alloy. Absolutely loving it. At 55 and pushed for time because of work its an absolute game...