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  1. Haveland

    Ding Ding... ring my bell!!

    I love the timber, but like you, I went with a clean cockpit, and the new SRAM brakes are great but don't leave a lot of room for the bell. So I mounted mine where you did and the bell just kicked the TCU on my turbo levo and shattered the glass.. I mounted up at an angle that this wouldn't...
  2. Haveland


    I had a pretty awesome ride yesterday. Not only was the riding good, but I got to follow down my instructor from last year, who was shocked to see me still behind him at the bottom, setting a PR. Cut my time down in half over the year. Included a second trail where things got a tad too soft for...
  3. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Broken MasterMind TCU2 screen

    I assume the only way to fix this is to go to the dealership and have them order a new one. They will then need to do some software updates. I assume I can't just get the part and swap them.
  4. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Ohlins TTXm2 vs EXT e-storia with cascade long link

    I have the Ohlins, but I really would have gone with the E-Storia if it was easy to get one in my area. Ohlins was just much easier to get and get parts for in Canada. That said, the Ohlins are remarkable. I'm sure my riding has naturally improved, but I went out on Tuesday and did a loop I...
  5. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Cascade Link 2022+ Levo Long Shock Kit

    I am also interested in trying Air again. The coil has great traction and jumps so well, but it has an almost dead feeling that I can't describe. I miss the pop I remember from Air. I'm very tempted to have two shocks and swap between them depending on what riding I'm doing that week. But like...
  6. Haveland

    Advice for new eMTB owners that you wish someone had given you

    You'll ride a lot more and longer and want to ride differently, so if you like group rides, you might want to find a few groups to ride with. I love Tech up hill riding but most on traditional bikes hate it. Spend time playing with the settings. Default settings aren't for everyone and you can...
  7. Haveland


    I've been working on adding the feeling of speed to my videos without getting too much of the GoPro effect. A lot of my videos that are shot flat feel like I'm going at a snail's pace. This was shot in Hyperview with a 2.0 Lens and various settings in GoPro Labs. In Davinci, I stretched the...
  8. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Turbo Levo: Where do you put your power control switch?

    I moved mine over to the other side for a cleaner look, and honesty, I find it handy to have it near my shifter and a cleaner cable routing.
  9. Haveland

    Ebike stands?

    I bought this arm thing last year and love it. I have it just high enough the front wheel is just a few mm off the ground and works for both my bikes. I have my chargers on the wall next to it. Perfect for charging and basic maintenance.
  10. Haveland


    We had a horrible fat bike season, so I've parked the Bigfoot VLT and pulled out the Turbo Levo. First ride of the season:
  11. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Is my Levo loud?

    I just had my first ride yesterday of the season on my gen 3 Levo. Get to be back on it but I couldn't get over how loud the motor sounded. I've spent the last few months on my Ep8 bike, and the motor doesn't even get picked up in my audio, but it's quite loud here. Someone mentioned that they...
  12. Haveland

    Kenevo Gen1 Specialized Handlebar Remote mode buttons

    Good troubleshooting
  13. Haveland

    Levo Gen 2 Help choosing between air or spring shock

    I didn't want a coil because I thought air could be more fun. But after going with a long link on my S3, the X2 made contact with the frame, so I quickly put on an Ohlin's coil, and boy do I love it. The bike is so planted. It doesn't have quite the same pop, but it climbs insanely well now up...
  14. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Levo Alloy Öhlins Coil LTD

    Same motor
  15. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Levo Alloy Öhlins Coil LTD

    Oh wow, that is a great build—great suspension, brakes, Eagle Transmission. Just a slightly better dropper, and it would be perfect. I didn't realize the price was US when I visited the site. Initially, I thought Oh, that's a reasonable price for that in Canada since the Alloy is often around...
  16. Haveland

    Other Can we talk brakepads

    I've been running MTX Gold pad but just put on Galfer purple earlier in the month and liking them. They feel more predictable than the MTX Gold but both are very good.
  17. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Cascade Link 2022+ Levo Long Shock Kit

    Depending on where you are lots of good sales happening at local bike shops and through the manufactures. Saw some Ohlin's coils the other day here in Canada at 40% off at a bike shop.
  18. Haveland


    Downhill run on an eMTB Fat Bike in the snow is the best thing ever! So good that due to having an eMTB I did this run three times in a row. Loved it!
  19. Haveland

    Levo Gen 3 Levo kickstand

    Kickstands can be dangerous on mountain bikes. I grew up back in the mid-90s when mountain bikes first started to become popular, and I remember having a kickstand on my Giant 880. It was just standard for the bike shop to throw one on. On one of the first rides, I hit some roots, and the...
  20. Haveland

    2024 Norco Fluid VLT review?

    I've been looking for some, too, but Norco doesn't often get a lot of media reviews, and those that do tend to be in Canada. Unless you have studs not much riding going on here in Canada right now :)