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    Stolen bike Bradford

    Thanks mate, I don’t think I will be able to claim on insurance as it happened away from home, I literally took my eye off it for a second and bang gone some scrote off down the road with it. And yes, I’ll gladly confront them 🤬
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    Stolen bike Bradford

    Had my 2020 Whyte E150-S stolen in Bradford last night, police are involved but I’m not holding out much hope. It’s quite a distinctive bike, gun metal grey, rear shock was upgraded to RockShox coil with a red coil fitted, 220mm Hope rotors, Spank Spike bars etc. Just putting this out there on...
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    Bosch Gen 4 Service?

    Super thanks.
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    Bosch Gen 4 Service?

    Hi, long time no post. I'm considering dropping the motor off my Whyte E150 (2019) and getting it serviced while the weather is poor, it's had a weird noise for at least good year or so and I don't want to push my luck (no pun intended :LOL:). Where's best to look at for this? Does anywhere...
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    Greetings from Yorkshire UK

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    Hamsterley Forest ..Friday 4th March '22.

    Me and a mate went into Chopwell Woods for a nose last night despite it being closed (yeah we live 500 yards away so it was rude not to lol). Absolute carnage in there, trees down eveywhere. Sounds like Hamsterley may be getting a visit soon as Chopwell won't be open for a long time by the looks...
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    Garmin watch users PSA

    Nice one, I'll see if my Fenix 6 updates when I get home later (y)
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    Pic of the Day

    I can say with absolute certainty, I'd be falling off that thing :LOL:
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    What’s your hobby?

    Two words...mother fecker ?
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    What’s your hobby?

    That's a hell of a hifi set up, go on, what you got? Loving the Marillion album peeking out, Misplaced Childhood is in my top 5 albums of all time ?
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    What’s your hobby?

    I play golf and competitive football most weekends, body is telling me to stop playing football but I ain't listening ?
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    Kielder Mash-Up Saturday 4th September .

    Ballox, I'm at the Lindisfarne festival that weekend ?
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    5-10 trailcross gortex gtx available for £105 from Adidas

    Great heads up, just ordered a pair (y)
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    Best 'Fighting Game' video games

    Street Figher...end of thread ?
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    So! You're home alone for the week , what film/s y gonna watch?????

    We watched Summer of Soul last weekend, wow, a must watch for any music fan. The vocal power on show is unreal, specially from the Staples Sisters ?
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    Popular trail centres / bike parks

    Bit much calling Chopwell a trail centre isn't it :LOL:
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    Pic of the Day

    Sunday and Monday was rough, like a very bad cold and raging hangover combined ? feel lots better today just a bit of a sore throat (y)
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    Pic of the Day

    I should post a photo of my sofa, I tested positive for Covid on Sunday night so have to isolate for 10 days ?
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    Show us your Whyte bits

    I love that burnt orange colour, looks sooooo sexy ?
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    Bolts Law ( Full Route) 7th August 21.

    Aargh, I play over 40s football and our first game of the season is on 7th August ?