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    Battery eco mode test

    I have managed 42 miles and 3000ft of climbing on My Kenevo riding very conservatively, was 30% road aswell, but really don't want to ride like that all of the time, usually a blast in the surrey hills will get 24miles of fun riding
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    On board a Kenevo but have problems :(

    Get it down to him then, he will sort it :)
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    On board a Kenevo but have problems :(

    Kenevo and Levo can suffer from broken mode lead, best to talk to Chris Reilly at Berkshire Cycles as he is the fountain of all knowledge Levo/Kenevo
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    Hi im new.... bit of banter - grape(greyp) et:al...

    Come on... Be fair.... Anyone who rides with Rob and has a video or camera will have one of him crashing ….. He does it soo well :ROFLMAO:(y)(y) and soo often :eek:
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    UK - Soon to be Vitus owner :)

    The Vitus on Ebay had 56 miles on it so it wasn't that one.... who pays £3250 for a used bike albeit only 56 miles for £400 less than brand new and no warranty??
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    Kenevo seat post collar

    I have seen them before but there is no mention of that size on the internet. Either way I know you will love the new bike, Just be wary of leisure Lakes servicing, it isn't great, check the bike thoroughly before you leave, try and ride it for a mile or so checking everything. when you are 100%...
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    Kenevo seat post collar

    Just found this … So I may be wrong • Diameter: The internal diameter of the seat clamp must correspond with the external diameter of the seat tube – too big, and the seat post may move in the frame, with the risk of cracking; too small and the collar can’t fit on the top of the tube (and you...
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    Kenevo seat post collar

    Doesn't the Kenevo have a 34.9 seat post therefore use a 34.9 collar?? or am I wrong?