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    Sold Quarq Shockwiz

    This still forsale?
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    To add a kiox display or not...

    I've just ordered a Whyte e180 smx which comes with the bosch led remote I believe. My previous e bike had the kiox display which I kind of liked. My question is, what are the advantages of fitting a kiox display, would I go for the 300 or 500 kiox? I don't really want to use my phone for...
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    New e bike with bosch motor....

    It seems like Trek might also be in trouble now!
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    New e bike with bosch motor....

    Hi I'm looking for another e mountain bike with the bosch motor after having one a few years ago. I'm looking for something with a 750watt battery that's removable for charging. I'm thinking either cube or whyte. I prefer the look of the cube but liking the slacker look of the whyte, the...
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    Welcome to EMTB Forums Refreshed

    I just went into tapatalk and the forums I follow quickly updated and EMTB forums has vanished. I wonder if tapatalk has removed it for whatever reason. Let me know what they say or if you get any joy. Thanks!!
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    Welcome to EMTB Forums Refreshed

    EMTB has also vanished off my tapatalk android app today. Any ideas why?
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    How much should i sell my Focus Jam for?

    I bought a Focus Jam2 6.8 2021 for £4600 2 months ago. Any ideas on what I should realistically sell it for? Its only covered 170 miles, only a few cosmetic upgrades. Thanks!
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    Unanswered Kiox, the annoying bits!

    I've not tried since! Given up!! Shame garmin edge 530 doesn't support the kiox so you can have a data screen with all the bike info on it.
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    I Backed Out of New E-MTB Purchase

    It would be nice if they'd standardise something on these motors so you could upgrade to a newer motor of the same brand if needed. I assume this currently isn't the case.
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    Jam2 2020 Battery Lock Seized

    Had a few issues with my lock but mainly the spring loaded lock cover. After every wash I oil the lock now, think it should do the trick.
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    Anyone fitted a DVO Topaz shock to a Jam2?

    May I ask your weight and what size spacer worked for you? I've gone one size up from the standard
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    Is it possible to buy a sub £5k FS EMTB in the UK at the moment.

    Sherwood pines had the haibike all mtn 3.0 in large yesterday. £4499
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    Unanswered Kiox, the annoying bits!

    Thinking of this myself, are there two versions of nyon as one display in the range looks a bit too big for my liking.
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    Unanswered Kiox, the annoying bits!

    Cheers for the replies. The bosch app is pants you're right! Think I'll just stick to my standalone Garmin. Great bike, great motor so has plus points!
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    Unanswered Kiox, the annoying bits!

    Hi I've got the Kiox display on my Jam2, seems ok but it has a few annoying things I've not got the answers too! I'd like to do long rides, stopping a few times to chill, take it some views, only to find the Kiox has turned off and completed my ride, so I could end up with one ride split up...