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    Comment by 'eFat' in article 'Rock Machine Vyöry e70 – comparing and reviewing a fatbike'

    Thanks for the review! I ride a full suspension with 5" studded tires in the winter and the conditions where it makes a real difference is when there is a solid crust on the snow. With narrow tires it passes through and then it's over.
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Time for winter tires! (it costs more than 3 tires for my car...)
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    How was your ride, in one picture and one line?

    When it's flat or downhill it generally works. Uphill... I walk and push. :)
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    Hello from Switzerland

    Oui, je suis encore par Arnex de temps en temps, mais pas en vélo. J'habite pas loin, à Fey.
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    Hello from Switzerland

    Salut et bienvenue par ici ! Essaye si possible le traducteur google sinon ça sera compliqué de discuter avec la plupart. Pas grave s'il y a des fautes. Je connais bien ton coin, je suis originaire d'Arnex. :)
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    How was your ride, in one picture and one line?

    Sometimes I wish the motor and battery were not there ! :)
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    Shorter Cranks

    The q-factor seems to be 16, so you should measure your current crank arms. There is also a different Q:16 version with a 5.5mm offset at the mount. You should check that.
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    How was your ride, in one picture and one line?

    -12°C 2h1/2 7km
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    If you have a Brose motor? Could I ask for your help please.

    This is for a Brose S motor:
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    Bosch Nyon

    I have a Nyon on my second bike and really like it, more specifically for the navigation. The price is a bit steep though and without a big discount I wouldn't have buy it.
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    clicking noise coming from crank area on my 2017 specialized turbo levo?

    It was the 4 chainring bolts. They weren't loose but after cleaning and tightening the noise disappeared.
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    Shorter Crank Arms on Levo / Kenevo?

    Bosch and Brose use the same interface, ISIS. But there is more than the interface and the length to check: Shorter Crank Arms on Levo / Kenevo? - EMTB Forums
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    miranda/ktm crank arms

    The top left value on this pic gives the Q-factor for Miranda reference but in the end the important ones are the two on the right. 10.5 or 16mm to clear the motor housing on the left and the other to clear the rear part of the frame.
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    Cold Weather Gear

    In winter I use this with a merino layer underneath: Steele Bike Hose, Bright Blue Steele Bike Jacke, Bright Blue Men’s Bugaboot™ Plus III Omni-Heat™ Boot Sometimes this : Siberian Split Finger glove | Craft Sportswear Smith Optics Vantage Helmet
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    Short Crank Arms - help for a noob please

    A very common crank model is the Miranda Delta. It comes in several lengths. You have to check these values (bottom of the page - Q-FACTORS) to find something that suit your bike.
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    Exposure 4000LM Ebike Light

    Not sure if another reply will have any effect... But this 4000 lm Exposure light will be supplied directly from the battery too.
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    Repair Brose motor..

    It must be a bearing. It should be "relatively" easy to replace.
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    Levo 2019 motor noise

    There is a post here, #7599 (not sure the direct link works...) from a claimed "Specialized ambassador": Google translate:
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    Left hand rear brake

    Yes, this NOT the "normal" setting. :)