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    Rail (625Wh) Considering a new Rail 7, Gen 2, Medium, Dark gray.

    Just mullet it, best thing I did to mine.
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    I bet on your bike you're number one super guy & you're faster than the human eye
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    Why no gear indicator?

    I hknow people I swear are mechanically dyslexic. After years of riding they'll still not change gears for hills or if they do it's the wrong way. The mainstreaming of the pinion motor /gearbox will be a godsend!
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    Why no gear indicator?

    I'd like one on my shifter. For the downhill tracks where a quick pinch climb looms around a corner. Saves me that split second more looking down at the cluster to check or spinning my feet out changing down. I've been riding mtbs for 34yrs so i don't think I'm a beginner - maybe not great but...
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    Would like peoples opinions on the damage to my new bike.

    If the bike was not red I would have done the same thing as you & bought it at that discounted price - it was quite a deal for a few scratches & if you know there'll be a few more once you start riding then it's all good, so your initial decision wasn't a bad one. Once I'd discovered the...
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    Would like peoples opinions on the damage to my new bike.

    Yeah I think you might be giving them the benefit of the doubt - more than they deserve - they were trying it on with you not pointing the damage out. . I'm not into this LBS loyalty anymore. From my experience they are really happy to make the sale & if there's an issue you fall into the...
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    Pedalling e-bike when motor turned off

    If it's any consolation I rode my analogue bike around the block & up a slight incline & then realised how stupid is was to design a bike without a motor attached.
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    Rail (625Wh) "Cheap" wheels for Trek Rail

    There are always bonty wheels on the second hand market around here - esp rears!!. Nearly as many as the bonty se tyres they came with. I'm pretty sure you pick up an as new 2nd hand set if you looked for not much money if you just want a set for gravel riding. They are a bugger to change tyres...
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    Official Merida eOne-Sixty thread

    Rode my wifes E160 today as mine had a flat tyre. I'd forgotten how good a bike it is. It absolutely kicks my Rails arse in every way apart from the motor losing a bit of torque when it gets a bit steep. Well done with your bike choice my friends!
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    New Pinion integrated gearbox and motor (MGU)

    Is there a variable speed motor that senses what output is required & supplies it that could eliminate the need for a gearbox? Seems to me all the required sensors & software is there just not the motor.
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    New Pinion integrated gearbox and motor (MGU)

    So can this be used like an automatic car with the electronics shifting for you depending on torque & cadence? If so it would be great for those of us who get frustrated with family members who can never remember which button to push when reaching a hill.
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    Worth going tubeless?

    I have to pump up my tyres with tubes before I go & ride & I have to pump up my tyres with tubeless before I go for a ride. Tubeless is good with gorse apart from that not much difference
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    Ugliest stem ever award goes too

    That's a pretty impressive setup. Necessity encourages creativity. I've designed a pump stand that raises my MTB pump (& wingfoil/ inflatable sup pump) 300mm off the ground so I don't ping my dodgy lower back pumping up. I figure out of the hundreds of thousands of punters participating in...
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    What EMTB would you get for 5k?

    I really like your swords BTW
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    Ugliest stem ever award goes too

    Orrrrr you could dig out your 70's chopper & put the apehangers on your bike. I watched Seths review of this & the most interesting point was that we have incrementally adjusted our body position over the years as geo has slightly changed whereas this might be the riding position in 10 years time.
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    What EMTB would you get for 5k?

    You're gonna get paralysis by analysis. Pick the one you like the look of, you'll know it when you see it. I'd say it's pretty hard to find a bad emtb nowadays. They've got the geo & mechs pretty well sussed across the range. If it's your first emtb you'll love it no matter what model.
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    Rail (750Wh) 220 mm rotor adaptors 2022 Trek Rail 9.8 XT. xl frame

    I bought a 180-220 for my rail 7 2020 though the original discs were 203mm. I can't remember why but there must have been some maths involved. I have noticed a lot more...
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    Talk to me about Mullets

    I went from 27.5 analogue to 29 Rail & loved the rail but like Steve above didn't like the arse buzz. Rode my wifes E160 mullet & loved its' handling so much I mulleted my rail & have never looked back. My opinion is if you ride steep tight twisty trails they're good/ great fun, On any other...
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    Rail (750Wh) Mulleting the Rail

    As the fatrat says they turn in a lot quicker. I can ride tighter uphill corners I couldn't get round with the 29. The wheel kinda drops over into the corner easier. On the tight downhills I would have to drag the 29 rear wheel around locked up whereas I find the 27 rear will get around...