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    Levo Gen 3 Is my Levo loud?

    Why worry about the sound? Soon it wil not work.
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    Buying an EMTB for the wife

    i second post # 30. I had a Giant 2021 EStance and i was sure a woman would buy it and that happened. I needed money but i might rebuy the same bike when $$ comes in.
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    New flat pedal shoes. Any recommendations?

    5-10 are long lasting
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    Stem change

    Maybe you might try pulling your saddle back a little?
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    Best option? So much criteria, so little money!

    Check Liv they make a fullsuspension in your budget you will fit their small or XS.
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    Orbea Rise battery size

    Write to the manufacturer with serial # they should know.
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    What insurance are you using?

    I am in Quebec, my room insurer covers my bikes to 3,000$ each but i pay an extra 25$/year and they double the max per bike to 6,000$ wich is fine in my case. It mainly covers stolen bikes wich is a plague here for the last 50 years.
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    How many km/ before changing a chain and drive train?

    It depends on your weight, your hills, your rider ability so my numbers are high but they might be to much for your needs.
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    50lbs vs 53lbs bike — will it be noticeable?

    Why not drop 3 pounds? Ride more that will improve all your bikes.
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    Trying my best to decide on an eMTB

    The Giant/Yamaha is my suggestion. Probably some ETrance.
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    Looking for a women's bike

    Liv is a division of Giant they make good Ebikes for short woman.
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    Set up - pins & needles in hands

    Maybe you can prepare to cut your handlebar. Try moving your brakes levers 10mm inside on each side to see if you like it, maybe go for even shorter that is like using a riser bar it lifts your head+shoulders, less weight on your hands. I use 600mm and love it, i started at 740mm.
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    Set up - pins & needles in hands

    Maybe try a few options and one might help. - Raise the front/nose of the saddle a bit it might prevent you from the tendancy to slip forward - do not hold that 100% of the time, we should relax has much as possible depending on situation at hand. Remember on any bike a small change might make...
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    Yamaha PW-XM 2.6kg 85nm

    It is marketing just like 50 teeth rear, 51, 52. Some people focus on what is not important it becomes a selling point. My cassette has more range,,, my motor is lighter ,,,, my Ebike has 12 speeds just ways to justify asking for big $$$ but on a blind test most riders are unable to pick what...
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    Tyre wear

    Depending where you live riding in winter on snow/ice is great to learn to modulate. I was riding with a regular girl last winter, it was not our first time so i knew she could handle our most expert descent. I asked her to follow me and we did it twice. She was not willing the second time but...
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    I struggle to justify the price of EMTBs when this cost less….

    No question in my mind. I do not want the noise associated with snowmobile/motocross bike. I live up north with snow, ice and cold for many months. I have been carless the last 23 years. My Ebike is fun and practicle year round. Maybe a Giant/Yamaha is worth looking at, more affordable.
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    What tyres? The Ultimate Tyre Thread

    This is a bit off but i use 2 DHF and some others also do. It seems to work fine in Quebec and they come in many sizes.
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    If You’re Buying Used, What Would You Get?

    I would get a Yamaha/Giant. Prices depend on location and season, so shop around.
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    Levo Gen 2 Are Brose & Specialized Fixing Their Motor Problem ?

    I never bought one because of all the failures i read about. Maybe in 5 years if the next 5 years they get their shit together.
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    Wet weather riding

    Last 23 years i do not own a car so i ride just about any day. Ice, snow, rain = no problem with Giant/Yamaha. NO I DO NOT WASH ANY BIKE. I just wipe off the excess. My bikes/Ebikes keep on rolling.