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  1. HarryJune

    Max seatpost Insertion on a Rise?

    Great, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks
  2. HarryJune

    Scraped paint?

    Spot it in with Nail varnish.
  3. HarryJune

    How long until you know if new bike was the right choice?

    I’ve owned three different ebikes now and would say it takes me around 250 miles until I really know bike/ handling. And you?
  4. HarryJune

    M20 or H15?

    I was in the same position, went for the H15 and loving it, more than enough power and range. I reckon l get around 60-70 miles on full charge mostly in trail mode at swinley.
  5. HarryJune

    Max seatpost Insertion on a Rise?

    Thanks for that, will Look forward to see how you get on.
  6. HarryJune

    Max seatpost Insertion on a Rise?

    I have a size medium h15 rise, when original post is fully down saddle is about 2-3 cm to low at extended hight. would the 180 OneUp V2 solve this. ( still be able to have seat slammed and gain 2-3 cm when extended) thanks
  7. HarryJune

    DMR V12 Pedals

    I use the DMR v12 magnesium, 10% larger and 350g, excellent pedals. I tried the NukeProofs but much prefer the DMR.
  8. HarryJune

    Warranty labour charges ?

    I ordered a bike from E-bikeshop in Farnham, I had nothing but trouble from them, would strongly recommend NOT to use them.
  9. HarryJune

    How many % discount you had when you bought your eMTB?

    I got £2,299 discount on my Cannondale Moterra in February 2021. Bike already had £600 off, so in total £2,899 discount. Company first sent out wrong size bike ( Trek) and when I asked for the smaller size said they were no longer available. Happy days.
  10. HarryJune

    Reliable bike courier service

    Hi all, Can anyone recommended a bike courier service, bike going from Berkshire to Derbyshire UK. Thanks
  11. HarryJune

    Travelling to Spain from UK

    Hi, returned last week. No locator form and no proof of cash or accommodation needed. Its the same as it used to be.
  12. HarryJune

    The Womens EMTB Thread - come on in ladies!

    Cube reaction, size small, trapeze frame, 27.5 wheels but hard tail only with the Bosch motor.
  13. HarryJune

    Rise M10 - now with a Lyrik 2023 Ultimate

    What travel?
  14. HarryJune

    Cheap bike stand

    Just seen this, May be of interest to someone.
  15. HarryJune

    Orbea Rise H30 - Wow!

    First impression Other bike Cannondale Moterra SE First day out at trail center (swinley forest) it was a hot day 28c dry and compacted. Bike in factory setting profile 2 ( app not yet downloaded) Around 8lbs lighter than other bike which you do notice on the trails, more poppy but less stable...
  16. HarryJune

    Orbea Rise H30 - Wow!

    Congratulations on your purchase, I too received mine this week ( h15) Have not had a chance to go out yet, only 10 km on street/ lane First impression seems good and a fair bit lighter than my other bike.
  17. HarryJune

    Camping with eBikes

    This is what we do. Locked in van during day if we are out, locked together and to the van wheel overnight with large mattress bag over them.