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    Tow bar Bike rack for XL Giant Trance E+

    Any advice welcome. I have the above bike its wheelbase is 1300mm 2.6 tyres. I am going to get a tow bar fitted and wonder what those in the know would recommend for a bike rack. it will only ever be 0ne bike, cost, fitting and security are the main drivers. Thanks for any thoughts
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    XL v L Giant

    I just called them and ordered XL. I really appreciate you taking the time to find this.
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    XL v L Giant

    With its longer swinging arm would a longer set back seat work?
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    XL v L Giant

    Had a Giant Trance E+2 XL 2022 (got stolen). I can't get same model 2022 in XL but can get an L (newer years are too expensive). I'm 6'3 and thought that the XL was compact reach wise. My question is there is about 28mm reach difference. I could fit a longer stem - put seat back a bit. Will...
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    What could you sell a brand new battery for?

    Posted earlier about Giant Trance E+2 750W being stolen but they never got the battery. I don't know if there is a market for just selling the battery. literally is one its still on it's first charge. Does anyone have any advice what its worth or where to sell it if indeed there is a market for...
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    Stolen bike. A question about batteries

    Hi Devastated. Giant trance X E+2 750 2022 but only one week old. as it was on roof they didnt get the battery or the front wheel. (they did it right in front of me as I walked to car - masks, weapons, false number plates "what are you going to do about it" moment. My question is as follows...