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  1. Darren

    Would my Turbo Levo be too slow on the road?

    make them get mountain bikes - a much better option
  2. Darren

    Daventry - Worth taking my bike?

    There's not much around Daventry, certainly not in terms of rough or altitude. You will, however, be around 20-30 minutes from the new park in Northampton:
  3. Darren

    What exactly is “E Bike Tuning” on a set of Fox Forks?!?

    And the junior version is tuned to Am
  4. Darren

    What exactly is “E Bike Tuning” on a set of Fox Forks?!?

    you get an extra free 10 psi for your money
  5. Darren

    Whats selling like now on ebay these days ?.

    sold an old phone this week on ebay for £55 including postage and got £46 after fees
  6. Darren

    AirPods when riding ?? Yes or no

    Some classics on this playlist:
  7. Darren

    AirPods when riding ?? Yes or no

    They are not audiophile quality by a long chalk but not as bassless or tinny as you might think - at high speeds they don't stop wind noise as they obviously don't cover your ears but you can tilt your head to remove it from one ear at least. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, I've been...
  8. Darren

    AirPods when riding ?? Yes or no

    I use Aftershokz bone conducting headphones - they don't plug your ears so external traffic noise can still be heard relatively well. I can hear cars behind me when on country roads and they fit easily with a helmet and can be muted quickly if needed.
  9. Darren

    Double dropping

    double dropping meant something quite different when I was a young raver :)
  10. Darren

    Riding under a powerline bad for battery?

    heavy electricity maybe?
  11. Darren

    Other Clean your motor and tcu!

    Exactly - if my washing machine was designed to be ridden over rocks in wet and muddy conditions, I would expect the electrical connectors to be up to that job - however, because it's designed to work indoors it has electrical connections that offer trouble free operation in that environment.
  12. Darren

    Other Clean your motor and tcu!

    If this is such a necessity it should be made clear at the time of purchase, many people would look elsewhere given that. If you've discovered this and are doing it to prolong the life of your motor, I'm pleased you've found a way, but it is nothing more than a design fault. Would you be happy...
  13. Darren

    First ride out on a emtb.. have a big problem

    Do what makes you happiest, it's your bike! I love me some turbo, other times I want to put some work in so use eco.
  14. Darren

    Using a Garmin Edge 530 to navigate and a Fenix 6 watch as a heart monitor at the same time?

    Yes. Heart rate data should all be visible on the edge in real time and all recorded on the connect app once the device has uploaded at the end of your ride. I normally use a hrm strap but if I don't want to wear it I can set my watch to send hr data to the edge, it doesn't send it by default...
  15. Darren

    Trade-in values?

    they're also expected to fix things they didn't know were wrong that cropped up after the bike was sold on
  16. Darren

    Spinning the cassette backwards by to?

    grab the chain and pull is all I do, just turns the motor - probably best to make sure it's switched off first.
  17. Darren

    e-MTB parts YOU want to forget

    If you don't remember these, here are the main features: Almost the only lights available throughout the 70, the batteries would last around 3 hours if you were lucky. The rear mount would gouge your frame as your foot clipped the light smashing it into your spokes ripping the lens off and...
  18. Darren

    Powerfly 4 Powertube 500 to 625