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  1. jackamo

    Bosch gen 4 cx to gen 4 smart

    Stick with the CX and get a Volspeed v4 for it 😜
  2. jackamo

    Wiggle...where next ?

    The business was already wound up , he didn't have to honour anything.
  3. jackamo

    Wiggle...where next ?

    There's a plan I believe to open profitable shops under the Evans name inside sports direct stores . There's already one in Belfast just down from the old CRC store . From all accounts they'll be selling Vitus and Nukeproof very soon along with muddyfox 😜. They're only might surprise you .
  4. jackamo

    Wiggle...where next ?

    I'll be honest Sports Direct have been spot on for me for a good while . Pirelli scorpion tyres half the price of anywhere else .
  5. jackamo

    Shock Trunnion bolt alternatives? +warning to others

    Gas installer PTFE tape cures that issue. It's thicker than normal PTFE and holds perfect .
  6. jackamo

    CUBE Stereo Action Team 160 HPC 500 - Main Pivot / Rocker Bearings:

    Be warned ...Cube make their bolts out of cheese .
  7. jackamo

    Muddy rides. To wash or not to wash?

    Halfords own car wash liquid 👌 I use it in my bottle washer fitted to my Worx cordless washer , brilliant.
  8. jackamo

    Muddy rides. To wash or not to wash?

    I wash my bike every ride and that's 2 to 4 rides a week , but then my locals trails don't dry out that often. As long as you dry it off and lube alls good and don't worry about using a pressure washer , just don't jet hubs/ bearings 👍
  9. jackamo

    Buying locally vs online

    Any registered dealer will/should deal with a motor issue . You don't have to send it back to where you buy it from , just keep proof of purchase.
  10. jackamo


    I'm 176 and ride a medium. There's plenty of adjustment for leg length with the dropper post. It's a great bike by the way, mine got better when I fitted a Volspeed v3.
  11. jackamo

    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    A New pair of WYB STI30s and inner tubes because after 5 attempts at sealing the rear I gave up . But running Eddie currents so pinch flats isn't going to be a thing. Also a e-stop magura rear brake and Galfer purple pads. Just need to find a Fabric tool bottle .
  12. jackamo

    How do you lube the chain???

    Zip tie your crank to thr chaining. 5mm Allen key in chainring bolt. Yep ether will work.
  13. jackamo

    Front tyre for mud?

    Just swoped to Pirelli scorpion emtb mixed terrain on the front. Local trails are a swomp at the mo and its held up really well . Haven't lost the front once.🤞
  14. jackamo


    Have to keep my eye out for one , definitely looks better .
  15. jackamo


    Something like this but cut down
  16. jackamo


    Yes I'm looking at making a bracket to take my on over-the stem , I mean I hardly change mode while riding . Fid the same on my old Cube hybrid.
  17. jackamo


    From what I can find out they are interchangeable.l if they are post 2022 production.
  18. jackamo

    Battery charging/storage safety box

    That'll buff out 👌
  19. jackamo

    Horrible clicking sound

    I don't get why they ordered a complete headset and only replaced 1 part. I wouldn't be back there again. But it does look like a lower race issue.
  20. jackamo


    They can be fiddly , squirt a bit of WD40 /OIL into the lock bit don't force the key .