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  1. skinnyboy

    Other E-caliber on closeout

    I would avoid the E caliber given the failures I referenced. The shop owner is no newb, has no issues with his Rails, and he's a lot easier on his equipment than I am :). Really like the drive design of the Fazua, but reliability is a key concern. Cheers.
  2. skinnyboy

    Other E-caliber on closeout

    Perhaps get one from a shop you are on good terms with, in case it is problematic. Local shop owner had one for a personal bike, went through several drives in short order, and he doesn't ride very much. Cheers.
  3. skinnyboy

    Suntour suspension...any good?

    The fork dampers are serviceable, but it seems that Suntour wants to make the forks super easy to maintain, and swapping a damper is much easier than rebuilding it. Not everyone is into or wants to work on suspension bits. I don't want to either, but it's a necessary evil :)...
  4. skinnyboy

    Suntour suspension...any good?

    Agreed, easy to service the Durolux, damping more challenging to alter. The Triair is easy from both perspectives, and well made. Cheers.
  5. skinnyboy

    Rise creaking under pedaling load

    Orbea took quite a while to ship a hanger to Canada. Don't really see the advantage of a bike shop purchase vs direct to consumer from a support standpoint, with this brand anyway. Fortunately just a warranty/back up part as the North Shore Billet hanger is far better. Cheers.
  6. skinnyboy

    Spontaneous E-Bike Fire on Toronto subway (New Year's Eve 2023)

    Believe it's "Underwriter's Laboratories", in case anyone is searching it up. Been around forever. Cheers.
  7. skinnyboy

    Eco sucks!

    And it only gets better with more saddle time.(y)
  8. skinnyboy

    Lightning Rod Motor

    I would. Looks like it would be an engineering project, and the outcome would likely not give the same results as an off the shelf bike. Depends on what your goal is though. The depreciation on something like this would probably be less the depreciation of the parts to convert a bike...
  9. skinnyboy

    Lightning Rod Motor

    If your intention is to use the bike as a true mountain bike it would probable be a better idea to buy a complete bike. Lots of good deals lately. So many things wrong with that setup I don't know where to begin. Cheers.
  10. skinnyboy

    Thinking about getting an analogue bike, how do they compare to an emtb?

    Just transitioned back due to the weather here, (transporting analogue much easier with salted roads). Definitely not as difficult climbing as your bike with the power off, but my brain had adjusted to the assist and it was awful at first without it. Definitely try one before buying, if...
  11. skinnyboy

    Anyone using a regular 1Up rack with an ebike?

    Original with 1 1/4 in 2" receiver with fitting. 2 of either Rocky Mountain Instinct, YT Decoy, or Orbea Rise. Haven't noticed any issues, 1up racks are well designed. Aluminum is pretty strong. I wouldn't worry. Cheers.
  12. skinnyboy

    Fat for Snow ⛄️

    If you can physically ride an analog bike perhaps try one of those first to see if you like it, and you won't have splashed out a lot of dough on a rapidly depreciating bike. RM Blizzard A10? I haven't tried an electric in winter, but lots of winter days struggle to keep warm enough on an...
  13. skinnyboy

    Instinct Vs Altitude

    Instinct A30 here, replaced only the fork. I assumed the shock would require replacement as well, but it is actually good, perhaps due to the mid-high pivot. It is the heaviest of our 3 bikes(Orbea Rise H30 and YT Decoy 29 Core 3 the others), but easily my preferred all rounder. Go with the...
  14. skinnyboy

    Battery Size and Range Research

    Just had a relevant conversation with a riding buddy as we were both having the same experience. No numbers since I don't spend my ride time worrying about it, and so many factors at play. Initially a 540 wh with an EP8 drive seemed way more than enough range, easily covering a regular ride...
  15. skinnyboy

    Orbea Rise with 85 Nm?

    2022 Rise H30 regular EP8 set up. No issues at all, battery or otherwise. I didn't like the way the RS software gave little assistance at low cadence, as I often ride out of the saddle (due to trail type and riding style). Maximum power/torque wasn't the issue. Prefer regular EP8 with assist...
  16. skinnyboy

    Best enduro emtb under $6000 USD

    Perhaps a consideration, depending on your preferences. My Decoy is great, but would swap it in an instant for one of these: Rode my son's Instinct in a flatlander's enduro here in Ontario, the Dyname just...
  17. skinnyboy

    Thru Axle Maintenance?

    Sounds like either the bearing spacer is misaligned or spacer/inner races are (really) dirty. Axle should easily slide through the wheel, no grease required. Is the anodizing still intact all along the axle? Cheers.
  18. skinnyboy

    Yamaha Y-00Z Concept Bike

    As an ex moto guy I like it, but my mtb side is concerned about more backlash if emtb's resemble motorcycles more. Sure looks like a polished unit, almost pre production. Nice tidy drive, good to see another potential alternative system to the current crop. Generally it's only the last few...
  19. skinnyboy

    7sp fitted to Levo ?

    Perhaps consider Microshift's 9 or 10 speed Advent drive trains if you are willing to swap in an HG freehub. Did both of our 12 speed bikes, 11 speed I left alone (for now). Cheers.
  20. skinnyboy

    Geometry experts please!

    Maybe it's just the photo, but your fork angle looks far steeper than 63 degrees. Couple that with riser bars rotated forward, sitting on a raised saddle instead of saddle dropped or being behind it? Perhaps a perfect recipe for too much weight on the front while descending, causing the fork...