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  1. Marc_250

    STEPS E8000 Motor Service

    It's a little over a year and 8000 or so more miles since my motor started sounding rough and I subsequently rebuilt it (new bearings and grease). Coming back after a 50 odd mile ride earlier this week it occurred to me it still sounds as sweet as a nut. There was some debate around grease at...
  2. Marc_250

    E8000 wrecked cogs

    My first E8000 motor did over 18,000 miles derestricted/'chipped' in under 2 years before the crank bearings collapsed, my Dads Bosch Gen3 made it to around 24,000 miles.
  3. Marc_250

    STEPS E8000 Motor Service

    I've never had that issue once so for it to strike when it did :mad: Little over 100 miles since I serviced it and so far so good.
  4. Marc_250

    STEPS E8000 Motor Service

    Just finished my overhaul frustrating....(see below), just done a couple of miles and it's as quiet as it gets but will see how it holds up over a few thousand. There was/is a small crack/hole in the right side of the plastic casing that's been there since this motor was replaced under warranty...
  5. Marc_250

    STEPS E8000 Motor Service

    Opened up mine today as it the fast paced shh shh (sometimes sounding like a tieclip been pulled) sound was getting louder. This is how it looked for me, gears all look pretty good but grease seemed a bit tired, not sure if it all going brown is normal? The bearing covered in the brown gunk is...
  6. Marc_250

    STEPS E8000 Motor Service

    Interested what you decide to do and how it works out
  7. Marc_250

    STEPS E8000 Motor Service

    Thanks for this, I've got the same noise. Can confirm it gets worse with continuous load going through the DU so fits the heat build up theory. Also my original motor got to 18k before crank bearings failed (never developed this noise) but the current replacement is on like 9k so could support...
  8. Marc_250

    Another E8000 Noise Question

    Just a quick one. Quick background. Bikes now well out of warranty on its second motor (new one fitted after 18k miles after crank bearings failed). This motor has now done about 10k and its started making a rubbing (like shhh shhhh) noise that is at a faster rate than the crank rotation speed...
  9. Marc_250

    Spectral:ON 630Wh external Battery (BT-E8016) upgrade possible?

    Also just upgraded to one of these batteries on my ghost. Thanks to whoever noticed/sussed out the battery mount mod, worked a treat and easy to do. Got mine from Deporvillage (the Brexit 20% tax parcelforce release was a bit unwelcome). Just did 37 miles on it and had 13 left, about a 20...
  10. Marc_250

    Volspeed tuning box for Bosch gen 4

    Yea they defo won't be able to see with definite data as the tuning boxes constantly tweak the speed data been fed to the drive unit to show you're below the 25kph limit. As I understand the Bosch drive unit records lots of parameters from your riding and undoubtedly a human could look at the...
  11. Marc_250

    Destricting gen4 Bosch without error 504?

    Seems you can get modest performance increases with Speedbox and Volspeed but the higher you push the speed and longer you run above the normal limit the higher chance of you getting a 504 error. You won't brick the motor it just puts it in a kind of limp mode kind of like ECO mode mode assist...
  12. Marc_250

    Volspeed tuning box for Bosch gen 4

    I want to return to Bosch as the Gen 4 performance looks pretty sweet. As anyone here got serious mileage (like 4/5k) under there belt yet to prove any of the solutions fully work?
  13. Marc_250

    STUnlocker (ex Shimano STEPS Unlocker) Android & Windows App for derestriction/market change and etc

    Hi, My E8000 just bit the bullet and is been replaced under warranty. Couple of Qs....I assume the replacement will come with the latest firmware on board will stunlocker work with it? Do I have to buy stunlocker again as I seem to recall it's tied to the serial number of the drive unit? FYI...
  14. Marc_250

    Shimano Battery Life Poll

    I've seen the E8010 battery as cheap as £399 (although now out of stock there) so at a point where simply routinely replacing them annually etc is possible. That said I'm hoping as others that the aftermarket delivers some better options but not seen anything yet. Would gladly pay more than...
  15. Marc_250

    Unanswered Freehub Replacement

    Hi, Google couldn't get me answers on this one but I own one of these: Hardtail - E-Bikes - Hybride Lector SX5.7+ LC With a rearhub: Formula EHL-148A 12x148 mm and a sunrace 11 speed csms8 cassette Recently replaced the cassette and noticed the splines on the rear hub are just about eaten...
  16. Marc_250

    Battery Terminals/Connector problems - Grease needed?

    'Resolved' the issue for the moment by using some conductive grease (expensive stuff but tried regular terminal grease and it made it worse). Additionally added some tape on the bike frame and bottom of the batteries so that now when slotting/rotating the battery into its slot it requires a...
  17. Marc_250

    Shimano Battery Life Poll

    Yea I get the range should be inaccurate just as it would be in my car if I drive like miss daisy then don't but why the battery level skips a whole bar is a pain in the ass. That's like my fuel gauge going from 2/5 to zero......where's my 1/5!
  18. Marc_250

    Shimano Battery Life Poll

    Does anyone else get these issues? The display showing a different number of battery 'bars' to that on the battery itself. They're normally only out of sync for a few minutes but seems kinda odd. Inconsistent end of battery life indicators. Normally should drop to 1 red bar then mandate...
  19. Marc_250

    Shimano Battery Life Poll

    BT-E8010 Batt1 (original 6 months old) 83 Cycles 94% Batt2 (prolly 3/4 months old) 63 Cycles 96% E6000 Charger Batts stored and charged in house 5500km but not accurate as used STUnlocker to change rear wheel size. Strava has it closer to 8000 Miles. Stats are from STUnlocker. Main issue...
  20. Marc_250

    Bosch Error 504 With Speedbox 2

    Good to see Speedbox 3 appears to work. Anyone know how the the Bosch unit is detecting tuning? Not a current user (although it's still sat in the shed!) myself just intrigued how the Bosch unit was/is detecting tampering. Always thought some sort of long term 'trend' analysis or maybe even...