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  1. Gyro

    10 speed groupset

    I went down the Microshift route, panic bought 2 complete drivetrains beginning of Covid and multiple chains. The cogs on the cassette are very thin and wore out super fast, the derailleur got stiff prematurely - never fitted the 2nd set!
  2. Gyro

    10 speed groupset

    After burning through 11 speed and then very expensive EX1 8 speed drive trains I've found the heavy and cheap 10-Speed Deore 11-46 cassette, Rear Derailleur RD M5120 and heavy Shimano Chain 10-Speed - (HGX-E-bike). Outlasts everything by far, oil the chain every hour of riding for good measure.
  3. Gyro

    Turbo Levo Comp adding a display?

    These bike are so much fun you won't have time to look at the display. I've run Blevo in the past but now I just look at the data on Trailforks post ride. Don't get get caught up on the tech altho' it is tempting just because you can.
  4. Gyro

    MicroShift Drive Trains on EMTBs?

    I ditched SRAM EX1 8 speed due to the expense after 3 drivetrains. Microshift was the only one available, 10 speed with a long cage 11-48. Purchased 2x drivetrains, running SRAM 8 speed chain as it's heavy duty. The thickness of the cogs on the cluster is thinner and bent one yesterday, will be...
  5. Gyro

    12 speed to 9 or 10 speed?

    I've just received 2x 10 Microshift AdventX speed drivetrains by courier today, partly due to the short lifespan of a 11-48 EX-1. I'm on my 4th cassette and 5th derailleur and 2nd shifter. Cost of this is killing me also plus factor in lack of availability. My reasoning being 10 speed chains are...
  6. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 Turbo Levo Rear wheel axle sheared

    I've broken 3 axles, there are some contributing factors: Thin wall thickness. Always fails at the the shoulder where the bearing seats, not helped by there being a sharp edge where a radius would help as is spreads the load. The through axle has a waist so the axle is not supported. That...
  7. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 Brose 1.3 Motor Failure not covered by warranty

    I've just collected my bike now on it's 4th motor they should be replaced "no questions asked", the warranty has been extended from 2 to 4yrs due to motor issues.
  8. Gyro

    What travel forks on your Levo?

    I'm running the same Cane Creek and 180mm Lyriks, the bike climbs way better as they absorb everything rather than deflecting.
  9. Gyro

    Levo - Fork / Shock customisations ?

    Rear axle travel now measuring 162mm, running 180mm Lyriks, 160mm cranks, EX1 8 speed.
  10. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 need some new brakes for my 2020 comp what we got

    Hi there, I fitted a SRAM 210mm rotor, be aware they are 2mm thick, up from 1.6mm to setting the caliper is more crucial to avoid any rubbing.
  11. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 need some new brakes for my 2020 comp what we got

    Fitting a 210mm front rotor transformed my Levo at little expense.
  12. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 Broke it .

    After breaking my 3rd axle on my Levo, my dealer fitted a better hub, off a Kenevo I think, at no charge.
  13. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 what offset zeb fork and travel you would put on your 2020 levo?

    I run 180 Lyriks and find it climbs better than a 150's which seem to bounce off every little undulation. Don't care about the slack HA still not as lazy as a Kenevo, also slackness is not an issue as I DH orientated.
  14. Gyro

    Levo Gen 2 Levo 2020 motor grinding noise

    I had exactly the same issue twice. First time resolved after checking everything I could think of and removing the cassette and greasing the splines on the free hub and the surfaces where the cogs mate against each other where it's metal to metal, plastic spacers are not such a problem. Second...
  15. Gyro

    203mm rotor fitment

    I took my Levo out today in our steep forest today with it's newly fitted 220mm front rotor, cheapest brake upgrade you can make!
  16. Gyro

    Is There A No-Brainer Upgrade for eMTB

    In order of preference based on what I have done with my 2020 Levo : 160mm Cranks Replace Butchers with Maxxis Bash guard, increased the wall thickness by 3mm from stock with fibre glass Ergon Seat 700w battery Cane Creek Coil shock - giving 163mm rear travel 180mm Lyriks - Bottom bracket is...
  17. Gyro

    Levo, when I stop pedaling, the motor doesn't for a bit

    I had same issue which got worse as time went on making technical climbs a pain. Motor replaced under warranty as it was a sensor problem. Then the motor stripped its belt and now on 3rd motor. Specialized very good at supporting their product, so no complaints. Andrew
  18. Gyro

    Levo, when I stop pedaling, the motor doesn't for a bit

    Just a short amount, maybe a third of a chain ring revolution.
  19. Gyro

    Levo, when I stop pedaling, the motor doesn't for a bit

    I had the same issue in Turbo mode which was a pain on technical wet climbs. The dealer replaced the motor and now it's as it should be, they suspected a sensor in the motor. All the replies in the above regarding drivetrain and momentum I think are incorrect. Luckily here in NZ the brand is...
  20. Gyro

    Kenevo chain suck – what's your fix?

    I fixed mine by fitting a SRAM Eagle chainring, lots of relief in the trailing edges of the the teeth.