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  1. RapidRacerProducts Ltd

    2023 New System Controller - Kiox 300 removal

    How do you run just the System Controller and the Bluetooth Mini Remote on the new system. When I disconnect the Kiox the Mini Controller doesn’t do anything and the system switches off. How can I use the Mini to control the System Controller in the top tube WITHOUT the Kiox 300?
  2. RapidRacerProducts Ltd

    RapidRacerProducts going electric soon!

    We know what needs to be done and have for a while, oh and unless you add another foot to the length you won't protect much of your rear. We have so many projects we want to do but ultimately the molds are very expensive so we have to take our time and do it right. The bolt on we just released...
  3. RapidRacerProducts Ltd

    RapidRacerProducts going electric soon!

    Hi all it’s Craig from RRP, I’m hoping to get an electric e-bike to help keep mountain biking as my knees slowly disintegrate! The e-mtb will also be a great way to test our new mudguards as they create such a lot of spray, we’re looking at the Crafty RR SL 2020 but unfortunately it’s not likely...