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  1. KarlosBoro

    How have you personalised your Vitus ?

    Hope brakes, renthal bars, custom printed fox decals and a nice new dropper lever 👍
  2. KarlosBoro

    Fitting Hope brakes on my e-Sommet

    This helps massively Thanks boss
  3. KarlosBoro

    Fitting Hope brakes on my e-Sommet

    I'm guessing I can leave the 2 bolts in that are next to where the bash guard comes back
  4. KarlosBoro

    Fitting Hope brakes on my e-Sommet

    How do you drop the motor, im having this problem with feeding braided hoses
  5. KarlosBoro

    Sold 2020 Vitus E-Sommet VRS: 3700

    Is this sold ?
  6. KarlosBoro

    For Sale (BIKE) 2019 Hope V4 brakes, spare pads and braided lines: 495 Canadian

    How much for levers cables and calipers and set of pad ?
  7. KarlosBoro

    Anyone else not sold on their new eMTB?

    Hi mate, My first ride was on a beaten up hire bike from cyclewise a cube stereo ebike ful sus for a ride around whinlatter Forrest and I went home that evening and got straight on wiggle and bought a vitus e-sommet vrs 2020 model. Never looked back!
  8. KarlosBoro

    Pic of the Day

    Day in the snow
  9. KarlosBoro

    Pic of the Day

    River tees
  10. KarlosBoro

    New vitus e sommet owner

    Show us what you've done ive got same bike
  11. KarlosBoro

    Show us your Vitus!

    New fox decals
  12. KarlosBoro

    E Sommet mud pocket

    old works knee pad cut to size
  13. KarlosBoro

    mud pit solutions??

    Heres my solution. A old knee pad cut to size
  14. KarlosBoro

    mud pit solutions??

    Anyone have a good idea about stopping the mud and shite collecting around the rear shock? This is my only niggle with the design of the bike ... e-sommet
  15. KarlosBoro

    Would you order a Vitus from CRC/Wiggle again?

    Don't be nervous I've had mine less than a month and its unbelievable I fall in love with it each time I go out on it
  16. KarlosBoro

    New member from North Yorks - Mondraker Level R 2021

    That bike looks awesome mate, enjoy ?
  17. KarlosBoro

    Hi all, im new to EEBING and relatively new to mtb in general and i love it! Bagged myself a... Vitus E-sommet VRS

    had this bike less than a month and already I need more than the 15mph restriction any ideas. Im from middlesbrough (north east England) and have been to Hamsterley, dalby and whinlatter trail centres any suggestions of some more sick trails within a 2 hr drive. Thanks Karl H