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  1. nosuchuser

    55 year old Ebike rider

    Hey guys. 51 here, Whyte E150RS since 2020. I thought it would be the other way round but I ride my Sommet more than my eeb. Last rode my eeb in May? Went to Peak District with a mate, was epic. Went out on the eeb today and snapped my chain today hooning round Bedgebury.... Hey ho We should...
  2. nosuchuser

    Best way to clean sticky purion display?

    After grinding my power button flat during a crash... and then paying for a replacement Purion and much swearing fitting it, another vouch for the silicon cover!
  3. nosuchuser

    Brakes problem.. (Code R, RSC and lever throw)

    Yes, done it a couple of times when the pads have worn a fair bit.
  4. nosuchuser

    2022 Winter gear.

    Underarmour cold gear top and leggings. Sealskinz socks. 100% Briskers. If it's dry, Endura Singletrack trousers and the jacket, if wet, MT500 spray trousers. Swap the Assegai/DHR out for Shorties and prepare to swear about bringing the battery indoors from the garage.. I normally ride my...
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    Which under seat bag do you use?

    I don't saddlebag but do use a dakine hotlaps gripper bag that goes round the top tube and nestles up to the down tube. Could run it as a saddlebag I suppose. Spare inner tube in the battery compartment on the whyte and another strapped to the down tube of sommet: Easy to move my core tools...
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    Thanks for that. Saved me a good chunk.
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    Surrey Hills 2/5/22

    Yeah I know most of those cheers. Looks like you had a good ride! Primarily I was looking for someone to ride with, my normal riding buddy hasn't ridden since October, the lazy fuck...
  8. nosuchuser

    Surrey Hills 2/5/22

    Anyone on up for some chill laps of the hills on Monday? Am nearly 50 so not super crazy, I enjoy John the Baptist etc but want to get over to Winterfold to look for Christians trail which ends in the same place as lovely legs. Cheers
  9. nosuchuser

    Bloody SRAM bleeding?

    My codes have been good as gold since changing to trickstuff power po pads and following this bleed procedure: Brakes problem.. (Code R, RSC and lever throw) - EMTB Forums
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    Surrey Hills - Emtb Forum 19th Sept

    After celebrating the wife's birthday yesterday, I'm in no fit state to drive let alone ride so next time. Have a good one.
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    Mucky Nuts Mug Guards, they're alright for short guards. Not even bothered taking them off from last winter.
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    Surrey Hills - Emtb Forum 19th Sept

    I was there a couple of weeks ago and for a Sunday, Hurtwood 1 was pretty dead when we rode through about 9:30, we should be ok. @VWsurfbum, do you know any good off piste near that car park? Only really go over there for yogurt pots on the way for a summer lightning loop.
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    Surrey Hills - Emtb Forum 19th Sept

    Tentative from me, celebrating the wife's birthday on the 18th.
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    I finally picked up my ebike?

    I've got a medium 150rs and the whyte switch cage and 500ml bottle work perfectly. Do like a bladder for longer rides but at Surrey hills normally close enough to the car to refill. Amazon have an xlc side load cage that looks identical, probably going to get one for my sommet. The guy who...
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    Article The new Specialized Levo gen3 is here!

    Ridiculous prices. Looks nice though.
  16. nosuchuser

    Brake Pads - E160rs

    I run Trickstuff 840 Power on my e150rs with Code R brakes. They are good pads, stop the bike well but a bit pricey and that's the rear pads after 400 miles....
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    Dirt Jumps on an Ebike

    Ha old dog.. Man, I'm nearly 50 and eyeing up jump bikes for pump track and maybe some dirt jumps. Great vid, subbed.
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    Article Ebike won’t start in the cold!?

    Whyte have a similar thing, undo one bolt to remove the battery cover and the battery power button is accessible through a hole in the down tube. Well thought out.
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    Looking for a good jacket/coat

    I've got one of those. It's good but they cheaped out on the hood stowage, hard to get it looking nice. Other than that, it's great.
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    Anyone doing the Southern Enduro?

    Was intending on doing it on my Sommet in the Fun category but I don't think I'll have the fitness so Whyte it is and the Ebikes over 40 category. First round is 11th April at Milland, West Sussex. Should be a bit of fun.