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    Orange bikes

    Ah the classic - if you dont believe what I believe then your dumb - approach to debate. Well done. There is no such thing as long or short cranks. There is a traditional crank length decided on years ago by roadies and no one can tell you why that decision was made... its just tradition...
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    Deffo a few people have Sram transmission issues - worth reading this thread - phaps its a bit more sensitive to chain line, spacing, or axle torque? Aside from that everyone I know who has changed to it has HAD it...
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    I was deffo confused till I saw this - makes sense now - if I was buying now id still buy the Voima based on that The only thing id steal is the ZS 56 ZS 56 head tube.
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    Voima Sizing Questions/Views/Opinions

    Good to see that people are going for what they think suits - the short seat tube means its fits a wide range of sizes which is cool. I’m 173, with a k2, and think the bike is nice and agile, corners great, and loves steep weird tight stuff. If you look at this pic of me hitting a mediumish...
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    Voima Sizing Questions/Views/Opinions

    @Nathan79 Im 173cm 5"8 with 30.5 inch inseam, running a oneup 180mm post with space to spare - Paul was trying my k2 bike. He's a smidge taller than me. Its the right size for me and what I like to ride. Done 700k so far and I have lots of confidence on the tightest and steepest off piste...
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    Pole Voima swing arm CRACKED

    The % of Voima and Vikkelä with issues seems to have been tiny since launch. Way lower than other brands from what I can see. This has done lots to rebuild the trust in Poles QC and production methods in the post “Lauri” era. Pole should take a lot of credit for that. The bike is amazing. I love...
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    Selling e-bike online.

    I usually ask for cash as with modern notes and a cheap UV light checker you can be pretty sure you get real ones. 10 mins learning what to look for will have you covered. Test a few, take your time, and feel the...
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    Just matching the swing arms on the on the Vikkelä I think - which has a bolt on brake adapter... I asked Leo why he changed the design when Vikkelä was a launched and he said it was easier to manufacture which makes sense as the as the machining on my integrated Voima LED brake mount looks...
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    I've got the normal axles on mine and in pulling it around by hand id say there is a smidge more flex than there was with my Rail. Ive transferred the parts over so it s a like for like comparison. It also tracks off camber stuff & tech chunk & roots a bit better than the Rail most likely due...
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    Ill offer a slightly different view - from my perspective I was happy on the Voima a couple runs in.. its surprisingly agile and playful and settles into a longer turn arc than my previous eeb, but I really didn’t feel there was a learning curve... I think im maybe the outlier looking at...
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    The Voima coil shock thread

    Seems to be a good mix of coil and air setups from customers... with people happy with both... the racers and sponsored riders mix it up too... but most seem to have settled on a coil.
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    Ah cool - luckly i went for the frameset so can spec up what I like. I figured becase the BB is zero drop which makes your hips higher vs the bars than other bikes, id have to go 35+ rise on the bars to get comfy. Sounds like thats kinda like where your heading too.
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    Nice - hopefully my golden voima chunk destroyer can get extracted from customs soon and I can get mine built up. Aiming for it to be an off piste steeps weapon. Looking forward to tinkering with it. Im going to start with Air but I think it might be unstopable with a coil!
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    Pole Voima 190mm Travel EMTB

    Superb write up sllickrock... looking forward to part 2 I’ve got one coming in the next few weeks and currently on a Rail so interested to see how it stacks up.. for me its a DH machine for super steep techy stuff and big hits. Not for bimbling on the local flow trail. Based on my understanding...
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    New Bosch Display options coming?

    Picked up from the 2 vids below - pics at bottom On 2 brands of different Bosch ebikes... Jones clearly knows what its for... and I have heard rumours of a more refined MTB controller coming. My guess is its a more minimal display unit with a small Specialised type display and a small bar...
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    Blinging out my Rail 9.8 - Secus + Flites + Magura MT7's (install/riding notes)

    Are you running more pressure with the secus?
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    2022 Trek Rails???

    on some for sure but 9 and 9.5 look pretty 2022... with new colourways.
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    Rail review - loam wolf

    Another grouptest win for the rail after and
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    Will a fox dpx2 2018 230x60 fit my trek rail 9.8

    How much travel does that give?
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    No way I can get a 2.5 DHF front tyre on rim. Anyone done this?

    Yea, blaming lack of tyre changing "experience" is maybe not helpfull as there is far too much "noise" on these strips for that to be the primary reason. Here is a quote from a NSMB review on Bontrager wheels which summarises it well Differing tolerances across rims and tyres may well account...