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    Rail (750Wh) Rail geometry.

    Dont know much about Trek but looking on the website seems like you are comparing Medium in different Gen models; Reach - Rail 7 - 44.5 cm. Rail 9.8XT 45.2 cm. 0.7cm longer But the the XL seems to be the 2cm longer reach reviews claim. Regarding the '9.8 is longer to fit bigger battery' just...
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    Motor servicing companies

    Great to see people have good recommendations. Would prefer it if you'd recommended someone who could actually look at my SHIMANO motor, but you cant win them all ;) (Bearing man doesnt seem to look at Shimano)
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    Motor servicing companies

    Surprised motor maintenance isnt a bigger thing, especially given how prevalent suspension servicing is and while thats an obvious preformance improvement, suspension generally doesnt wear out of break anything like as frequent as motors seem to.
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    I struggle to justify the price of EMTBs when this cost less….

    Motorbikes are great value, but replacement parts or upgrades can cost a lot more as a %age of the bike than with MTB parts. Most motorbikers never seem to buy the upgrades or make changes MTBers do. MTBer will spend £70 on a better compound of tyre, a Motorbike will likely still have the stock...
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    Garmin Explore Battery change: Looking for info

    I replaced the battery on a 520. Quite simple, just fiddly. If you feel confident that you can prise it open and have tools to do so and soldering iron for the battery then go for it. However... I didnt find the replacement battery much better than the aged original battery, perhaps i didnt...
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    Motor servicing companies

    Hey all, Ive seen (facebook spamming my feed) places offering motor servicing / maintenance / repair. Has anyone used places like these to get their, out of warranty, motor looked at? I have an E8000 on a commute bike thats a little loud and think it could do with a clean and regrease. Keen...
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    Tell me about Cycle to work schemes - Advice Please

    GCI website answers most questions. Bear in mind your company has to pay upfront for the bike even if it is recouped over the year, so many will put a limit (imagine the cost to the company if a lot of people took it up at once!). My company put £2.5k for...
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    Gearbox EMTB's that you can buy (+IGH bikes)

    If a gearbox is being integrated into the motor there is no need for the final drive output to be at the cranks? Place the output sprocket at a mid/high pivot location and you simplify drive to the rear wheel, while maintaining effective suspension geo without the need for a tensioner Much...
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    Show us your Vitus!

    It doesn’t get the use it should, but still enjoying my older e-escape.
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    Buying a s/h bike with shimano motor, what to look for?

    Hey all, I am about to go look at a s/h bike with shimano e7000 and wondering what i should be looking at to check condition? Its done 700 miles so not a lot. Obviously general bike condition is a good indicator, but what about motor specific issues. Dont want to but a lemon someone is...
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    DH World Cup thread

    Gwin's run was really interesting to watch. The precision was very impressive, riding the 6" gap at the edge of the road gap drop to avoid the slower rubber matting, and the same on the exit of the road bridge to increase speed into the next section. It was no wonder he looked pissed off at the...
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    Shimano launch new 2023 Di2 Wireless Shifting for ebikes + EP6

    Light hold back a % of battery to maintain function. Some people have reported this reduces range slightly. DI2 shifting takes very little power even compared to lights, so you should have shifting for a few hours after motor cuts out. Main issue would be no shifting at all with the battery...
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    Assegai 2.5" Grip vs Assegai 2.6" Terra

    The 2.5 is actually 2.5WT, which is wide trail designed around 30mm internal rims. How different they are to the normal 2.6 im not certain for this tread pattern, but for the DHR and F the tread is spread wider over the casing meaning better for leaning over or off camber, when mounted on a...
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    Any manufacturers still using Shimano External batteries?

    Not a brand id heard of. None currently in stock tho.
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    Any manufacturers still using Shimano External batteries?

    Im specifically looking for a Shimano powered bike, thankfully external battery hybrids are still popular, but Bosch seem to have the market cornered (which is good, but not for me). I agree on the emtb issues tho, even if only for ease of use the removable battery is beneficial. Charge or...
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    Any manufacturers still using Shimano External batteries?

    Looking around I see less brands using external batteries, not unexpected but surprised even budget brands/models moving to internal. I bought a Vitus emtb full sus with the external battery on the downtube and had planned to pick up a hardtail/hybrid to commute and potentially loan its battery...
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    Lower bars = Lower back pain😡

    Cool. I just wanted to raise it as an option. I dont think it will reduce pedaling efficiency much, at least not compared to riding with a sore back :ROFLMAO:. And as you said the change in position benefits the fun riding, so there is always a compromise somewhere, that might be having to do...
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    Lower bars = Lower back pain😡

    While core strength will likely be the solution, it may be that you are now overstretching when seated. Consider moving the saddle forward somewhat to counteract. Of course you might not want to go forward a lot as it effects other things, and moving it forward will require some core strength to...
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    Scum filmed by onlookers as they steal E-Bike in broad daylight with angle-grinder........

    Doesnt matter what you lock it to, the bike frame will cut easier, and they will cut a frame/wheels/anything if they think its worth their effort and have a way to get it away quick (i.e. mate with a van).
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    E-Escarpe 2020 - Set up and changes

    Ive had those pop up before, but switching off and on again without weight on the bike and bike vertical cleared them and didnt come back, at least not for months. Will they not clear at all? If not shimano Warranty then you got it from Wiggles clearence ebay didnt you? can you not deal with them?