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    Orbea wild h30 seat post clamp

    Well done thank you
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    Orbea wild h30 seat post clamp

    Does anyone know what size clamp I need? It’s a 31.8 dropper post but the 2 sizes close to that are 34.9 and 36.4 and not sure which one.
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    Tyre losing pressure

    Brand new tyre and sealant so should be fine.
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    Review Airshot Tyre Inflator

    Will it seat a 29” 2.6 tyre?
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    Tyre losing pressure

    Interesting responses, reason I asked was because it’s not happened until recently and have had the bike over a year. So assumed it was something I had done.
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    Tyre losing pressure

    Ok thanks guys, I will keep an eye on it.
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    Tyre losing pressure

    Yes alloy rims. Rim tape was my thought. I suppose it loses 2-3psi a day. The other rim doesn’t do it so I can only assume it’s the rim tape.
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    Suntour suspension...any good?

    Ok so what’s the bike and price? I would have thought it would be fine for what you need it for but if you start to go for more demanding rides then you may regret it.
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    Tyre losing pressure

    Ok so I noticed the rear tyre losing pressure slightly, it was getting low in terms of grip so I bought a new tyre same brand (maxxis) but got assegai instead. Changed the valves as well and cleaned it all and put in new sealant and it’s still doing it, I then sprayed a soapy solution around the...
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    Hope carbon bars

    Anyone riding these? Thoughts? They look pretty cool as you can see the carbon weave but how stiff are they?
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    New to Tubeless - what to do with puncture?

    No but I have just bought the peatys stuff. Had a couple of punctures with muc off which it didn’t seal up so went proper flat.
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    Hope v4 questions

    Thanks guys, they do look the nuts for sure. Brake lever feel is something I think I need to try first.
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    Full sus suggestions

    All depends on budget.
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    I had the hard seven 5, all depends on what you want to do with it?
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    TFTuned or SilverFish?

    Might be a silly question but when you send the fork to tf is it a lower leg service or full?
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    How often do you service your suspension?

    Ha ha yeah but I will do it
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    How often do you service your suspension?

    To prevent it from breaking.
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    How often do you service your suspension?

    Still yet to do mine after 1400 miles on Rockshox 35 gold
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    Pic of the Day

    That first trail looks amazing