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    Battery inside

    Garages without heating, like mine, temperatures will go very low then up as the sun hits the roof. Bad news for damp/condensation. Take your battery inside. In winter mine lives under the kitchen table (just about tolerable by the misses, only as its hard to see).
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    Brand X Ascend WIRELESS dropper

    Nice idea, but longevity will be an issue (more places for water to penetrate). Just bought a replacement for my old cable dropper, £99 for a Fox 150mm, reduced for black friday at Wiggle: Bargain :-)
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    Help on picking a new bike please?

    go on a Demo day, you can then ride several bikes. Wheelbase do them, the last one I went to was Cannock (they also do them further North) one of the bikes I tried which was NOT my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice was: Merida eOne-Sixty. loved it, setup/feel and ride was the best for me; will...
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    Bike cleaner recommendations

    Please DO NOT use as a hand cleaner, your skin can absorb the chemicals, always use gloves.
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    Intermittent ticking sound? Very strange

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    Intermittent ticking sound? Very strange

    It could be your wheel spokes. Try spraying the spokes with a fine oil (eg. WD40). I have a wheel that does this and before I knew what it was it used drive me mad. BTW best not spray your hearing aids with WD40.
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    Old blokes who should know better.....

    Not sure WHY I have just "liked" that last video as my stomach was churning😱. Nice though, thanks.
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    Pic of the Day

    thanks for your inspiring shots everyone :cool:
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    Cable routing in frame - please STOP it....!

    I am not sure as the feel will not be the same; also latency will be noticable with brakes where its fine for gears.
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    Kenevo Gen1 Official 2020 Kenevo Owners Thread

    Thought I would give an heads up on the rear cable and brake pipe wear mine has suffered: Searching this thread I noticed there are several who have already "enjoyed" replacing the rear gear cable and brake pipe...
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    Cable routing in frame - please STOP it....!

    there is the division: practical v pretty! As for spotting the wear, it was not possible as the worn part is hidden within the swing-arm tubes. Also, note the additional cable/pipe covering ends too soon, this is a manufacturers fault.
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    Other Mastermind “did not” switch on. Then, it fixed itself.

    Oh, not by me. DOH. Suppose that is a good heads up to me and other emtb owners! Still, glad I got the motor out as now I can correct the gear-cable and brake-pipe issue, which would have become fatal.
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    Other Mastermind “did not” switch on. Then, it fixed itself.

    Cheers for your reply. Decided to pull the motor out and check the connections - which are FINE! Typical. Now need to check rest of wiring. But whilst I had the motor out I found this:
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    Cable routing in frame - please STOP it....!

    Manufacturers/designers are stupidly routing cables/wires/brake-pipes in the frame, and more recently via the head stock too. This pathetic behaviour is resulting in lots of issues for all of us: Search results for query: cable routing My Turbo Kenevo comp has done just over 2k miles, the rear...
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    Other Mastermind “did not” switch on. Then, it fixed itself.

    My Kenevo has done something similar: Has your bike been ok since the issue?
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    Turbo Kenevo Comp - RED light on TCU when turn on!

    one year on and... would you believe it its not starting again :-( Of course this is since I washed it, and all it does is as above (flash of red light then nothing). It must have water ingress from somewhere?! Taken battery out, cleaned connections a few times, no change. Any pointers...
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    Comment by 'dave_uk' in article 'Not sure the new SRAM Eagle Transmission is for you - What other options are there ?'

    I do think belt or shaft drive would be great, as the faffffff with the chain cheaning/oiling would not be missed. All too often the designs seem to me as they are over complicated, they need to KISS it. [that is keep it simple stupid, nothing to do with my ass]
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    Comment by 'dave_uk' in article 'Not sure the new SRAM Eagle Transmission is for you - What other options are there ?'

    this looks beneficial - stops pedal strikes on sharp angle uphill turns.
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    rain proof leggings - I like these

    Just thought I would share, as I wore them again today and they work so well. What I like is: - I can hose off the mud from the legs while wearing them, keeping my feet/shoes dry - easy fit/removal Take care...
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    General Question about Giant Popularity

    I quite understand and accept your reply: you have to support Giant if you sell/ride them. Its the norm for lesser model owner/sellers to attempt to vitiate Specialized.