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    Torridon 10th -14th May 2024

    I was there for the first time (ever!) in August last year. Agree that ebikes are a game changer. Loved the whole experience, stayed at Sheildaig campsite (superb!), but I must admit it was Hard. hard with a. capital H. They are big days out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Torridon...
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    Hot melt wax - the journey begins

    As hot wax user (Putoline) for 6 years now, my experience was not good with sram xx1 or xo1 chains. Could be putoline, could be something I do wrong, but with those sram chains after a ride or 2 I would get multiple ride-endingly stiff links. Made pedalling impossible. Re-lubing with normal...
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    I do fear that Giant have refused warranty for lesser crimes, they do have some history, although with me they've been absolutely fab. Just bought a replacement Hayes D series 203mm rotor for the rear, so I'll use that until it wears out then think about a bigger one with adapter.
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    Chainsaw and bag for clearing trails?

    Is there any advantage, apart from the folding and keeping in a rucksack, that the Silky type saw offers? I'm interested, same predicament as you with local trails. Love the look of these, even looking at the big 2 handed fella. looks the biz!
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    I must admit thatI do often think about the physics behind the conversion of all the kinetic/potential energy in a 115kg, 2m tall bloke hurtling downhill at 50kmh into heat, which is really the only place the energy can go. Terrifying!
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    Thanks all, good dialogue. To address some questions: (TL : DR below in bold) Drag brakes? Yep! Experience level? Huge fat mincer, but tries to ride hard. My desires are mostly coming after a truly 'shit your pants' moment last year during our annual alps trip. Now, I used to live in...
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    Not particularly helpful, I agree
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    Argh - so here is an official response from Giant that is not exactly on point. I asked specifically about invalidating the warranty, but I guess I take this as a 'yes, this will invalidate the warranty'. TBF, I don't want to do anything that would, local dealer has been really good at...
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    All good points, but can anyone acutally answer the question: does a rotor bigger than 203 invalidate warranty / is beyond frame specification?
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    Allowed: 220mm rotors on the rear of Reign E+ ‘22 onwards?

    Hi, have googled this, even asked giant a question directly but got a weird incomplete response (you can see it on the website of the Reign). Can I use, without invalidating my warranty, 220mm rotors on the rear of my 22 Reign E+? I know many of you have, i am a big fella on big mountains...
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    Propain 170mm Travel AutoShift with SRAM Powertrain

    Sorry, but everytime I hear the name of this bike, I only hear Vic! Otherwise - something I'd really like to try, can see the benefit.
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    Trans-X dropper post issue

    They are pretty easy to service, and a quick clean and lube with SRAM butter or the like usually has them working smoothly again. Whether that is as simple as unscrewing the collar with the post still in the bike, and adding some SRAM butter to the post for a few ‘pumps’, or taking the post out...
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    What pump do you take out with you?

    The 100cc One up pump is excellent - I have used more than once trailside, and it is pretty fool proof with a great volume for actually pumping a 29er tire up to pressure. I have it with the tools of course, but also with the stabber and chainlink pliers. all of those also used in anger...
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    Reign E+ 2022

    Great to read, fun looking trails and good riding. Awesome. Can I ask which forks you are running? I have not run a coil since, oof, 2010 ish on a NP Mega, Rocco World Cup with coil lyriks up front. My god it was a magic carpet, but not massively fun to pedal! The coil rear felt perfectly...
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    Giant Reign E+1 hub engagement

    I have the same bike, bike shop tells me they are rebranded DT swiss 370 hubs. I believe they are not convertible to ratchet which would give you faster engagement, whereas the 350 hubs are. So, as above, hub swap needed. However, before you do that... I ride using both original wheels, and...
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    Vitus E-Mythique LT Enduro EMTB - Bargain of the year

    I wonder if Arrow or other couriers are now not being paid, hence the situation. I might be tempted to hold onto stock in lieu of any unpaid invoices if I was them. Shitty situation anyway, even a cheap Vitus is a lot of cash and frustration!
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    Giant reign E+2 massive disappointment with warranty

    Ah, I see what you are getting at. I thought the same thing, the table is confusing - however it does say you get 2 yrs warranty from original purchase date, as the second owner. there are some stipulations, but that should mean for motor etc as well. so not unreasonable really. I agree it...
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    Giant reign E+2 massive disappointment with warranty

    You made me look, I was sure I'd read it somewhere. It does read like you get most of the warranty transferred to a second owner, but I must be missing something, apologies, I thought this looked positive Warranty Information | Giant Bicycles UK