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    Volspeed 4

    Just installed mine pretty easy just have one question for anyone my motor was small when I opened to fit it and had to put the box at the back inside the under plastic part because and if water would do any damage Thanks
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    Hi everyone was just wondering if anyone has had there MY20 latest update on the Bosch performance line as I’ve bought a volspeed4 and I’m unsure wether it’s going to give me issues as I had to get it updated and unlocked after 3 504 errors Thanks all
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    Volspeed v4 quirks on Bosch gen 4

    You alright I’ve just bought a volspeed4 for my Haibike was just wondering if he’s had any problems with it yet Thanks
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    Volspeed 4

    Any problems yet thinking about getting one for my gen2 performance line motor I’ve had it wiped after 3 error codes and really don’t fancy going to my lbs again
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    Bosch gen2 preformance line

    Hi everyone I’m new here I’ve just recently serviced my bike after 3k miles I wanted to get a speed box or any chip just wondering which one would be best for my motor as I’ve already had 3 504 error codes because of the magnet on the pedal trick is there any chips out there that will definitely...